Parents and Carers' Reflections

“We have three very different daughters and I needed a school that had lots of different options for them. MSJ has provided that flexibility for my girls.” 

“One of our daughter’s needed more specific learning support to achieve her best and we were so impressed with the time, care and dedication of the teachers and support staff who were largely responsible for her self belief and achievements.”


“Any school can teach the basic skills but we chose MSJ because the teachers and the girls could explain that they thought it was also important to learn about their self esteem and their faith.” 


 “I had been to quite a few open events at a few schools and done a fair bit of research about several secondary options but the MSJ girls I had met during those open events and from our street were the reason we applied at the school. We have never regretted that decision.”



“My daughter wants to achieve a high ATAR so she can get into the course she wants. She has told her teachers that and they have been great at encouraging her to work hard and achieve her goals."


“At MSJ my girls are learning to believe in themselves and make well informed independent decisions. Peer pressure can be a big influence for teenagers but the school encourages them to think for themselves.”


“I like the emphasis at MSJ on striving for personal bests. I don’t mind how my daughter compares to others in her class. As long as she is trying her best then we will be proud of her success.”

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