Facilities and Resources

Learning Resource Centre (LRC)

Our Learning Resource Centre is a large open plan space devoted to independent and collaborative research and learning. It is currently undergoing complete redesign to ensure that it continues to be a modern and dynamic space that draws students to take advantage of the fiction, non-fiction and digital resources available. It is open from 8.00am to 4.00pm and is frequented by students within scheduled classes and during recess, lunchtime, before and after school and in school holiday breaks. The Careers and Pathways Information Centre is also housed here with access to online and print information regarding tertiary and further education institutes, courses and open days.


Tenison Woods Learning Centre (TWLC)

Named in honour of Fr Julian Tenison Woods; a Priest, Scientist and Missionary, the TWLC is home to our state of the art Science laboratories, VCAL Classrooms and Food Technology facility. It’s modern design, collaborative learning spaces and advanced resources will inspire many students to follow in Father Julian's footsteps in their pursuit of new knowledge and scientific discoveries.

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Years 7 and 8 Learning Centre

This contemporary learning area is based on current best practice with respect to flexible learning spaces, collaborative learning and provision for digital technologies to support learning. The centre is home to our Year 7 and 8 students and helps to create a sense of belonging within Pastoral Groups.


Performing Arts Centre

This contemporary Performing Arts Centre houses the tuition and practise rooms for our instrumental programme which provides individual or group tuition for students in piano, guitar, violin, drums and vocal training. With large, versatile learning areas for drama and music performances and class sets of guitars, keyboards and percussion instruments, this space encourages the passionate pursuit of musical, vocal and dramatic performance skills.


Art and Design Centre

The Art and Design Centre is home to three Visual Art rooms including the Senior Art Studio. It also has specialty rooms for Visual Communication and Design, Multimedia Studies and FibreTechnology. The artistic, multimedia and fashion design talents of our girls are always on proud display in this area.


Years 9 and 10 Learning Centre

This area is home to our Year 9 and 10 general learning areas and is currently undergoing refurbishment, with the previous Science labs being completely rebuilt as a bright new flexible learning hub for Year 9 students. . The Year 9 and 10 classrooms have been designed to encourage interaction between learners as they work collaboratively and creatively within the 1:1 Laptop Learning Programme.


Mary MacKillop Centre

This multipurpose area provides an excellent indoor sporting arena with basketball, netball, badminton and volleyball courts. It also has a mezzanine weights and fitness area which is popular with students within scheduled PE classes and as part of sporting co-curricular training. The stage provides for whole school music and drama performances, assemblies, liturgies, awards ceremonies and guest speakers.


Outdoor Sports Field

This multipurpose sporting area consists of two synthetic sports areas. The first is an oval providing hockey, softball, soccer and Australian Rules football. The second area consists of basketball, netball, badminton and volleyball courts.


Year 11 and 12 Learning Centre

This building is the hub of our senior student studies with general purpose learning rooms along with our third Science laboratory and two senior computer laboratories.


Administration Centre

This is the main entry to our school and our welcoming administrative staff here will extend a warm welcome and regular assistance to students, parents and visitors. In the event of illness at school, students are tended to in the Sick Bay in this area.


Forster  Building

This building houses the school canteen and second hand uniform shop. The canteen provides lunch orders as well as breakfast before school and food and drinks at recess and lunch times.


The Wellness Centre

Downstairs in this building the Chapel provides a place for reflection and prayer for students in class groups, smaller friendship groups or individually at recess and lunch times.

Upstairs houses the student services support from the qualified psychologist and social worker employed by our school. The Counsellors are available to provide support for students and families as requested and assist with the proactive wellbeing programmes tailored to each year level.

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Reflection Garden and Sustainability Area

This area provides a quiet outdoor space for reflection and a kitchen garden area managed by the students themselves. As the school moves towards accreditation as a Sustainable School our commitment to waste minimisation, energy conservation and the support of biodiversity continues to develop.


Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning Centre

In keeping with our commitment to provide for the diversity of skills and talents amongst our student cohort, this centre, located within the TWLC, is home to our VCAL programme. Students attend school for three days a week engaging in interactive learning in the areas of literacy, numeracy, work related skills and personal development. On the other two days they are engaged in specific vocational training and experience through TAFE study and work placements.


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