Why Choose a Girls' School?




Choosing the right school for your child’s education is one of the most important decisions you will have to make. It is a complex issue where you weigh up single sex versus co-educational and decide which learning environment best suits your child. Current research indicates the following advantages of girls only education:

  • Girls in girls' schools achieve significantly stronger academic results than any other group in Australia
  • Girl-centred learning in a co-operative environment reduces the time off task due to discipline issues
  • Leadership role models are prevalent as all student leadership positions from Years 7 – 12 are filled by girls
  • All sporting and co-curricular activities are open to girls: they participate, influence and lead for genuine achievement
  • In an all-girl classroom, girls take on all the roles in the group, providing an atmosphere where students take the risks necessary for learning
  • Girls thrive and excel in collaborative teams
  • Teachers have the scope to tailor learning experiences and discussions to the needs of the girls
  • There is mutual understanding amongst peers which enables girls to workshop and support each other through the challenges of adolescence
  • Every learning area and career path has female role models in aspiring senior students and successful graduates

For further information, please download a copy of our Prospectus or watch this video from the Alliance Of Girls' Schools Australasia.



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