Learning Programme

Year 7

All subject domains have core subjects in Years 7. Religious Education, English, Mathematics, Science, Health & Physical Education, Languages and Humanities are year long subjects, whilst Technologies and Arts are term length units.

A broad range of subjects is offered so that students can deepen their understanding of different subjects and the associated skills required to successfully learn knowledge and understanding. This will assist students to identify their strengths and interests and to engage with new areas of study that may not have been available in the primary school. It is also important for them to be exposed to a range of subjects so that they are able to make informed decisions about subject selection for the senior years and future pathways


Year 8

At Year 8 students will study core subjects whilst being given some flexibility within an elective structure. The elective component of the Year 8 course offers a variety of units designed to meet various learning outcomes and at the same time offer students challenging and rewarding learning experiences. This allows students to explore particular areas of interest.


Year 9

Years 9
To ensure students receive a broad general education, the students in Year 9 undertake studies encapsulated within the Victorian Curriculum. Within these learning areas a variety of units are provided and choices increase as the students move through the College. As well as electives, you will have the opportunity to participate in a Year 9 Program.

The Year 9 Program consists of four threads during the year and will occur on one day a cycle.

i. Healthy Living and Wellbeing

ii. Pathways and Learning to Learn

iii. Faith

iv. Making Connections – Community


Year 10

The curriculum at Year 10 is designed to cater for the requirements of the new Victorian Curriculum as well as allow for student choice across all domains and as such each student’s program will consist of a combination of compulsory, core and elective units.

Compulsory Units
Compulsory units are studies which must be included in each Year 10 program and whose course content is common to all students at Year 10. At MSJ the compulsory units are Religious Education.

Core Units
Core units are those studies which must be included in each Year 10 program to fulfil the requirements of the Victorian Curriculum but still allows for some choice within the studies. At MSJ the core units are those chosen from the English, Mathematics, Science, Health & Physical Education and The Humanities (History) domains. In Semester 2, Year 10 students will be able to participate in an Enhancement Program. Enhancement refers to students undertaking a course of study that extends their knowledge and skills beyond Year 10.

Elective Units
Elective units are those studies which may be included in each Year 10 program and can be chosen from any domain.


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