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2017 Term 1, Vol. 1

The MSJ students and staff have begun the 2017 school year with great enthusiasm and have already embraced the many learning opportunities that have been presented to them. I encourage all of us to continue to strive to be the very best that we can throughout the year.


2016 Term 4, Vol. 2

Our theme for the year has been ‘Be the Heartbeat of God’s love’, this has called us to be just that; to love with his heart, to hear with his ears and to see with his eyes. In other words be merciful like the Father. This invites us to follow the merciful example of God who asks us not to judge or condemn, but to offer love, compassion and forgiveness instead. As the year draws to a close we need


2016 Term 4, Vol. 1

It is hard to believe that the end of the year is approaching. So much has been achieved, and so much more has been planned as we come to the end of 2016. For our Year 12 students the end is approaching very quickly. The VCAL class of 2016 have completed all course work and are making plans for their future pathways and the VCE class has commenced their exams. On Tuesday the 18th October we of cia


2016 Term 3, Vol. 2 Holiday Edition

I would like to thank all students and staff for all their hard work throughout the term. It has been a very long and busy term. As it has been a busy term the following information regarding changes to our curriculum structure may have been missed be some parents so I have reproduced the major changes to ensure that you are kept informed of all updates.


2016 Term 3, Vol. 2

Mary MacKillop’s Feast Day on Monday 8th August was celebrated with gusto here at MSJ. We had the opportunity to pray and reflect on Mary MacKillop’s life and legacy as well as acknowledge and celebrate the 150th anniversary of the Sisters of St Joseph of the Sacred Heart. We also had the opportunity to have some fun and raise much needed funds for Mary MacKillop International.


2016 Term 3, Vol. 1

It has been with great delight that MSJ has hosted thirty students and four staff from Holy Spirit Seirei High School, Nagoya Japan for the last two weeks. This visit is part of the Seirei and MSJ Peace Programme that commenced twentyone years ago.


2016 Term 2, Vol. 3

I was absolutely blown away by the performance of the students in the College production of ‘Anything Goes’. They were truly amazing! After four months of tireless practicing and rehearsing they produced an incredibly polished and professional show. I congratulate all involved, the cast, the musicians and the crew. You all were truly inspirational.


2016 Term 2, Vol. 2

Sorry is a simple word, and one that can be very easy to say, we often automatically say sorry when we bump in to someone and even if we get in someone’s way on the street. We say sorry when we have nothing to be sorry about and unfortunately at times we don’t say sorry when we most need to.


2016 Term 2, Vol. 1

‘Let us be joyful and thank God’. Mary MacKillop 1871 When you think back to your days at school, what do you remember? Perhaps you remember a teacher that inspired you, cared about you or understood you. Or maybe a camp you attended, a fantastic excursion or participated in a sporting event? What we do in the classroom is very important, but so are the relationships we build, and the experiences


2016 Term 1, Vol. 2

The Easter story conveys a great sense of hope and joy. But it also indicates that the early Christian community had a lot of work to do, part of which would involve reaching out to people and places yet unknown. In some ways this has not changed, we as a Christians can at times neglect others in our community and not reach out to others.

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