MSJ Family Support Forum : Developing Resilience

29 May 2018 - 30 May 2018 | General Interest

Dr David Collins comes to MSJ: 7pm in the Mary MacKillop Centre on May 29.

As part of our commitment to work with our families and support parents we have invited Dr David Collins to speak to our families and daughters about resilience and how develop resilient young women.

David is a doctoral trained clinical psychologist who has worked with young people for over a decade. David has worked in a variety of settings in public mental health, been an honorary research fellow with the University of Melbourne, and has been involved in local and international research collaborations developing treatment programs for a range of psychological difficulties. In addition to his private practice, David has delivered workshops for teachers, psychologists, counsellors, parents, and students across Australia in the neuroscience of young brains. David is also the director and developer of BRAiNgro, a whole school well-being program running in schools across Australia teaching young people about the neuroscience of wellbeing.

David will speak before the D&M evening and families in Year 7 are welcome to hear David and then to participate in a meaningful conversation with your daughter

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