Guiding Principles

At Mount St. Joseph Girls’ College we know that girls learn best when they feel respected, safe, connected and valued as members of our community.


As such we are constantly striving to travel with our girls through their adolescent years by supporting their individual wellbeing needs and nurturing their knowledge of themselves, their relationships and the values by which they choose to live. Adolescence can be a challenging time for young women as they seek to determine their identity amongst the many mixed messages presented by the media and the pressure of peers to conform.

Our approach to their wellbeing is a blend of proactive programmes and support when a specific individual need emerges. The proactive approaches are intended to give the girls a pastoral sense of belonging, educate them about the choices they make and nurture the self-esteem they each need to live fully. Our support structures include a strong pastoral care structure and comprehensive support staff and processes when a specific wellbeing need arises.

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