Proactive Wellbeing Approaches

The sense of belonging that underpins healthy relationships and self-esteem in our school begins with our pastoral care structure that links every girl with a pastoral group of peers and a Pastoral Group Teacher each year.


This smaller family unit within the year level provides a ‘home base’ and a daily opportunity to connect, communicate and share. The Pastoral Group Teachers are the first port of call for communication from parents or staff about a particular student. This communication may be to share a success, a concern or essential background information about a girl in that group. The Pastoral Group Teacher holds a pivotal role in the advocacy, connectedness and care of each of the girls in their pastoral group.

To complement the care within the Pastoral Group, proactive wellbeing pastoral programmes operate from Years 7 -10 in which students have the opportunity to identify and learn about some of the specific issues that may be presenting at the various stages of their journey towards adulthood. Focus points include:

  • body image
  • cyber safety
  • drug education
  • mental health
  • nutrition
  • study skills
  • goal setting
  • career path exploration.

The Horizons suite of programmes from Years 7 to 9 are specifically designed to foster self belief, self understanding and resilience. In these programmes, New Horizons, Horizons and Beyond Horizons girls have the opportunity learn the skills of communication, self belief, teamwork and leadership within experiential learning opportunities.These programmes engage students inside the classroom and beyond to reflect upon, discuss and access support for their personal growth whilst building their individual self belief and learning goals.

These programmes encourage learning about personal wellbeing with respect to physical and mental health, risk minimisation, informed decision making and the building of healthy relationships with friends, peers and family.

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