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MSJ has become a subscriber to the Michael Grose Parenting Ideas resources. In this section of our website we will provide fact sheets, access to Michael's blog and Parenting Ideas Magazine and other interesting and useful information for both you and your children.

Raising exceptional kids... a little about Michael Grose

Michael is the author of 8 parenting books, including his new release Thriving! and the best-selling Why First Borns Rule the World and Last Borns Want to Change it.

His popular parenting columns appear in newspapers and magazines across Australia. He appears regularly on television and is a popular & entertaining speaker as well as a frequent columnist for a variety of written media. He also has a regular fortnightly half hour parenting segment on ABC radio Victoria.

Michael has an education background,and holds a Master of Educational Studies with research into what makes healthy families tick. He has conducted over 1,500 parenting seminars over the last two decades.

Michael is married with three adult children who have all successfully flown the parent nest.

Parenting Ideas Magazine...

Parenting Ideas is a publication designed to provide you with the the experience, expertise and resources to help you rise to the challenge of supporting, managing and engaging your children. You can access this magazine at Parenting Ideas.

Parenting Ideas Blog...

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