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Mothers and Daughters: A Time to Celebrate

This is the presentation that was shown at the D&M@MSJ evening on Wednesday 17 May, 2017.


Parenting Ideas - Issue 15

This issue of Parenting Ideas Magazine covers topics such as the stress of teen success, raising resilient girls, creating creative kids, tips for calming down our children's lives and go-slow living, how to provide support for kids in times of grief and more...


Parenting Ideas - Issue 14

This issue of Parenting Ideas Magazine covers topics such as riding the adolescent roller coaster, tips for raising happy kids, teenage relationships, expectations versus real life and more...


Parenting Ideas - Issue 13

The latest issue of Parenting Ideas Magazine includes topics such as the relatively new phenomenon of gaming addiction, what you can do to build great memories for your kids, talking to young people about drugs, and the wide-ranging benefits promoting a love of music can have on your kids.


Parenting Ideas - Issue 12

This issue of Parenting Ideas looks at separation anxiety, kids who catastrophise, different temperaments, knowing when your child is ready for their first babysitting job, dispelling the myth that teenagers don't need their parents, the difference between friendly teasing and unfriendly teasing and more...


Parenting Ideas Issue 11

Read about the importance of developing character strengths in your child, managing teenagers who have a little too much zest for life and tend to dive head first into situations without thinking them through, using praise effectively, how to help your child develop 'social netiquette' and more...

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