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Insights - Raising Confident Kids

The secret to raising happy, confident kids.


Insights - Teach Children To Persist

“Persistence and patience have a magical effect before which difficulties disappear and obstacles vanish.” - John Quincy Adams. Parents can promote persistence by encouraging their children to keep going and not give in at the slightest hurdle or difficulty.


Insights - Resiliency Robbers

All parents have the best of intentions when raising kids. Wanting what is best for kids can cause parents to make decisions that are not always in their (children’s) long-term best interests. If you buy the line that the promotion of resilience is in the best interests of kids then check out the following common parenting mistakes that reduce children’s resilience.


Insights - Helping Kids Unwind

There is nothing wrong with kids being busy as long as they have plenty of chances to relax and unwind. Relaxation is a key to good mental health and well-being. It is an important life skill for kids to learn.


Insights - Teen Friendships

Having a supportive group of friends is important for an adolescent. Peer groups help teenagers learn to negotiate relationships and make the journey from childhood, where they are reliant on parents, to adulthood, where they need to stand on their own two feet.


Insights - Bully-proofing Kids

Bullying is an issue to be discussed around the meal table, in the context of keeping kids safe. Talk to kids about their right to feel safe; how to recognise if they feel unsafe and what to do if they experience or witness bullying.

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