In educating young women to be the leaders and stewards of the world they will inherit, we are committed to education and awareness of the world beyond the shores of Australia.

The three languages other than English offered within the College (Japanese, French and Italian) are all supported by opportunities to travel to each of those countries as part of small school group tours tailored to further support learning of the history, culture and language of these Asian and European countries.

Sister School Programmes and Cultural Immersion Tours

Japan – Seirei High School, Nagoya, Japan

Our school has been hosting students from Seirei High School for a fortnight each year since 1996. The Seirei students enjoy homestays with MSJ families and spend their days in our classes in a language and culture immersion experience. All students in the College can apply to host a Seirei student.

In exchange, MSJ students from Year 9 onwards have the opportunity to travel on a Japan Study Tour for a similar school and homestay immersion experience as well as enjoy visits to historical Kyoto, Hiroshima, Miyajima Island and Tokyo Disneyland. The Japan Study Tour operates every 2 years, alternating with the France & Italy Study Tour.


This exchange programme is facilitated through 'Almost French' with students from school in Reims, Lille and La Rochelle.

This is a reciprocal exchange so senior students studying French have the opportunity to host a French student for five weeks between Terms 2 & 3 then travel to France to be hosted by the same family over the Christmas & New Year period of the same year. Students will experience family life and attend school for approximately 3 of the 5 weeks.

Italy and France Cultural Immersion Tours

Students have the opportunity to travel to France & Italy from Year 9 onwards. The France & Italy Cultural Immersion Tour operates every 2 years, alternating with the Japan Study Tour. Students travel to Rome, Florence, Venice and Paris as well as other cities and regional areas such as the Somme region in France, Lyon, Pisa, Siena or Milan. These additional areas change regularly in order to cater to a broad range of student interests and curriculum areas.