Over recent months the College’s budget for 2024 has been prepared. A critical component of the annual budget is the determination of appropriate tuition fees and charges. As such, the MSJ College Board has endorsed the 2024 Fee Schedule, which can now be viewed on the College website.


This schedule contains information pertaining to CSEF, Health Care Card (HCC) concession, sibling discount, early payment discount and payment frequencies. Please contact the College msjfees@msj.vic.edu.au should you have any queries.

An invoice for 2024 fees will be issued to all families late January 2024.

Daniel O’Malley - Business Manager

STEM Excursion

A group of selected Year 10 Stem students had the opportunity to listen to a speech from Chris Hadfield, discussing his greatest challenges and philosophies. After catching a train we headed to the Melbourne Exhibition Centre where we were able to catch the last piece of a senator's speech on the importance of cyber security providing valuable advice about the various opportunities and careers available in the field.

Chris then began talking about how he became interested in the field of astrophysics and his path to becoming one of the most well-known astronauts in the world. His speech provided us with lots of insightful advice that could be applied to various sections of our lives. His speech concluded with us being able to receive autographs and was an overall truly memorable experience.

Junior house Leaders Social justice Excursion

On Friday 3 November the Junior House Leaders were lucky to visit and learn about MacKillop Family Services in South Melbourne. They are an organisation that supports the right every child to ensure they able to have a proper education as well as a safe and loving home-environment. On this day we had the opportunity to collaborate with other schools and their leadership teams. Throughout the day we participated in many activities such as exploring the orphanage museum with a guide and hearing stories from a foster carer, a family therapist, and an inspiring artist who was in residential care out. Of course the highlight was the therapy dog (and the trainer) who discussed their role and experiences with MacKillop Family Services.

Some key highlights of our learning that day include how important it is to spread awareness and understand about the struggles many young out of home care children (and families) face on a daily basis. We hope to build our learning from the day into future leadership projects throughout the school.

We appreciate Mackillop Family Services Social Justice Program and them inviting us along for an informative and inspiring day.

Eloise Burrett and Veronica Byrne – Penola Junior House Leaders