Congratulations to all students for the effort they have put into their studies in recent weeks. As the semester concluded, students were involved in lots of assessment of student learning. This is intended to be a very positive experience for students requiring organisation, focus and concentration.

Exams are only one measure of how students are progressing in their learning and, when results are released, it is important parents are mindful of this. The College Learning Management System (CANVAS) provides a progressive and up-to-date picture of your child’s academic progress. This includes achievement levels and feedback in assessment tasks.

The feedback from exams and SACs is an integral part of the learning cycle. In order to add value to the exam experience, regardless of the result, it is important that students and parents and carers engage in a reflective conversation about what they have learnt from the experience and how students approached their studies. The most effective learners are those who are able to respond to feedback, thus encourage students to follow up this feedback with their subject teachers to develop strategies they can implement in second semester.

Term 3 is an exciting time with the opportunity for students to consolidate their learning and the opportunity to engage with new concepts and skills. With the benefit of results from Semester 1, students are encouraged to reflect on what they have achieved and set new goals for their learning in Semester 2.

End of Semester Reports

The reports provide feedback from each subject teacher (and Learning Mentor) regarding your child’s achievements during Semester 1.

One element of each subject report is the student’s approach to learning. Approaches to learning are viewed as important behaviours that, when carried out to a high level, help students to achieve their best. The approaches to learning that teachers provide feedback on are:

  • Seeks feedback and support
  • Effective use of feedback
  • Collaboration with others

It is important to have a conversation with your child about the report highlighting particular strengths and areas of improvement.

Subject Selection Process 2023

The process of subject selection is designed to equip students with the information to make decisions about the elective subjects that they select. The extensive process with Year 10 students has begun and, in early Term 3, students in Years 7, 8, 9 and 11 will be involved in the process of selecting their subjects for 2023. It is important that students be informed about the available subjects and that the selection of courses is suited to their interests and abilities. An integral part of the process is that parents discuss with their child the subject choices they wish to make for the following year. Information to students will be distributed at Year Level Assemblies. Students will be informed about the pathways selection process and how to complete the selection guides.

Subjects should be selected largely on the following basis and should be done in consultation with parents, teachers and the Pathways Leader:

  • The student’s personal interests
  • Known ability and past success in a particular area of study
  • Prerequisite and recommended studies for entry into Higher Education courses (Tertiary and TAFE)
  • Career aspirations

Joanna De Bono - Deputy Principal Learning & Staff