The College community came together on 2 December for the Mount St. Joseph Girls' College Awards Night. This was a wonderful finish to the 2021 academic year. Our awards night celebrated many of the fantastic achievements of our students. We had the opportunity to acknowledge and celebrate the many gifts and achievements of our students in the areas of learning, the arts, community and sporting involvement. The evening was a great tribute to the many and varied talents of the MSJ College students.

We take this opportunity to thank the staff for their contribution to the College community. In partnership with parents and families, we have enormous pride in our students, and we look forward to 2022.


Alison Webster

Ella O’Connor

Isabel Vella

Josephite Spirit Awards

Community Awards

Sports Awards

Year 7 - Arden Rouche

Year 7 - Chiara Russell

Year 8 - Ella Tucker

Year 8 - Izabella Molnar

Year 9 - Lorna Denny

Year 9 - Olivia Fisher

Year 10 - Amelia Burrett

Year 10 - Zara Curtis

Year 11 - Amelia Vivera

Year 7 - Ruby Regan

Year 7 - Jessica Blakemore

Year 7 - Amalia Brocas-Reti

Year 7 - Holly Austin

Year 8 - Alyssa Barham

Year 8 - Erica Whitmore

Year 9 - Malaika Boyall

Year 9 - Sarah Trigger

Year 9 - Nishka Pidtala

Year 10 - Natasha Stanley

Year 10 - Kesara Brocas-Reti

Year 10 - Bridget Munro

Year 10 - Zara Curtis

Year 11 - Erin Lucas

Year 11 - Imogen Koropeckyj

Year 7 - Erin Godfrey

Year 7 - Alexa Zimmerling

Year 8 - Amelia Kennedy

Year 8 - Anna Adani

Year 9 - Sarah Trigger

Year 9 - Kayla Bianchin

Year 10 - Mila Fanjek

Year 10 - Kate Lavers

Year 11 - Imogen Koropeckyj

Year 11 - Erin Lucas

Senior and Junior Performing Arts Award

Music Scholarships

Senior and Junior Visual Arts Award

St. Vincent de Paul Society Community Service Award

Senior - Isabel Vella

Junior - Ella Tucker

Bridget Corluka

Mia Pounder

Alanah Rose

Caitlyn Marshall

Kesara Brocas-Reti

Amy White

Senior - Madison De Sousa

Junior - Natalie Postill

Year 8 Lucy Palmer

Year 10 Deanna Caputo

Australian Defence Force Long Tan Leadership and Teamwork Award

Year 10 - Zara Curtis

Australian Defence Force Future Innovators Award

Year 10 - Haylee Nguyen

2022 Kwong Lee Dow Young Scholars Program

Year 10 - Bridget Munro

Sr Kath Nolan Environment Award

Year 10 - Bea Gerada

Mabel Pinto Virtue and Courage Award

Year 11 - Chiara Sutera

Subject AWARDS

Year 9

Year 10

Year 9 Outdoor Education

Chloe Zuvela

Year 10 French, English, Humanities, Australia's Past, Present and Future, Literature and Context, Exercise and Sport Science and Save the Human Race Bridget Munro

Year 9 Drama

Bridget White

Year 10 English in a Contemporary Society and Food Technology Jade Neary

Year 9 Japanese

Lavanya Sharma

Year 10 Drama

Natasha Stanley

Year 9 Art

Clara Nguyen

Year 10 Digital Technology

Haylee Nguyen

Year 9 Food Technology

Ivana Kasun

Year 10 Japanese

Zoe Nasser

Year 9 Media

Pooja Kamath

Year 10 Food Technology

Cassandra Marcok

Year 9 Music

Lucy English

Year 10 Community Health and Human Development

Zoe Malelis

Year 9 Visual Communication Design

Ava De Sousa

Year 10 Art

Amy Kreskas-Gatt

Year 9 Digital Technologies

Malaika Boyall

Year 10 Visual Communication Design

Jaimey Steenkamp

Year 9 English

Olivia Buttigieg

Year 10 Mathematics Advanced

Emily Huynh

Year 9 Italian

Elisa Guaglianone

Year 10 Civics A Guide for Young Australians

Emma Giacchi

Year 9 Religion

Alanah Rose

Year 10 Product Design and Technology

Bea Gerada

Year 9 Humanities and Duke of Ed

Lauren Nguyen

Year 10 Digital Technology

Natalie Fong

Year 9 STEM, Science and Product Design Technology

Jade Longmuir

Year 10 Product Design and Technology

Isabella Fiumara

Year 9 French, Health and Physical Education and Mathematics

Bridget Corluka

Year 10 STEM

Mila Fanjek

Year 10 STEM

Sandra Bui

Year 10 Media

Klarissa Bonanno

Year 10 Mathematics General

Sienna Bolano

Year 10 Health and Physical Education

Sophie Aitchison

Year 10 English

Delaney Calder

Year 10 Geography People and Planet

Keira Blizzard

Year 10 Money Markets and Management

Stella Rubino

Year 10 Mathematics Applied

Louise O'Connor

Year 10 Religion and Visual Communication Design

Emmy Lam Ho Yuen

Year 10 Forensic Science and Art

Keira Healy

Year 10 Community Health and Human Development Science

Catherine Di Fabrizio

Year 10 Outdoor Education and Media

Sofia Christou

Year 10 Italian and Music

Kesara Brocas-Reti

Unit 2

Year 11

Unit 2 Drama Isabel Vella

Year 11 Experiential Religious Education

Monique Ghosn

Unit 2 Outdoor Education and EnvironmentalJessica TrieuYear 11 VCAL Lauren Agosta
Unit 2 PhysicsClaudia MoloneyYear 11 Studio Arts and LiteratureErin Barwood
Unit 2 Product Design and TechnologyAmalija MilatYear 11 Computing and GeographyElizabeth Pollard
Unit 2 FrenchChantelle LakkisYear 11 Visual Communication and Design and PsychologyAlannah Te
Unit 2 Specialist MathematicsSarvleen KaurYear 11 Biology and ChemistryAmelia Vivera
Unit 2 Food StudiesSophie ButlerYear 11 Mathematical Methods and AccountingTanvi Arora
Unit 2 ItalianAlessia AbateYear 11 History 20th Century, VET Music and MediaTara Mathews
Unit 2 Health and Human DevelopmentZoe MihosYear 11 Japanese, Legal Studies, General Mathematics and EnglishAbbey Lucas
Unit 2 Physical EducationVictoria Butera
Unit 2 Business ManagementRebecca Rogers
Unit 2 Religion and SocietyLile Gurmesevic

Year Level Academic Dux Awards

Year 7: Ava Trajcevski

Year 8: Chantal Vella

Year 9: Olivia Buttigieg

Year 10: Bridget Munro

Year 11: Abbey Lucas

Top 10 Year Level Award

Year 7

Year 8

Year 9

Year 10

Year 11

Ava Trajcevski

Anabelle Sofoclis

Isabella Wong

Ella Beecroft

Bianca Vella

Lily Castro

Laticia Northeast

Tanisi Nadkarni

Erin Godfrey

Arden Roche

Chantal Vella

Izabella Molnar

Natalie Postill

Sophia Man

Tanveer Ahluwalia

Hethushi Hapuarachchi

Lauren Price

Ivy Quach

Divya Chawla

Clare Weston

Olivia Buttigieg

Bridget Corluka

Kasey Tran

Bridget Lloyd

Elisa Guaglianone

Ariana Dino

Eleni Kikidis

Riley Speedie

Olivia Boyd

Mahnoor Talpur

Bridget Munro

Catherine Di Fabrizio

Sienna Bolano

Klarissa Bonanno

Zoe Nasser

Jade Neary

Emmy Lam Ho Yuen

Sofia Christou

Sophia Mirabile

Natalie Fong

Abbey Lucas

Tanvi Arora

Amelia Vivera

Lauren Wakfer

Alannah Te

Rebecca Rogers

Tara Mathews

Sophie Yang

Nina Unsworth

Arunyah Kharbanda