Annual Music Night

Annual Music Night was a thrilling night, full of excitement and MSJ students sharing their passion for the arts in one night. So many people were able to show off their talents in solos, drama performances and even showcase their group capabilities in two of the school bands (Guitar Ensemble and Jazz Cats). All the arts teachers, students and coordinators were involved and brought along a positive atmosphere that rubbed off on the audience, making this night one to remember. With the thrill of all the performances flashing by like lightning, and the applause slowly starting to fade away, the night finished in around two hours. Everyone went home happily, glad that they were able to present their skills to the excited parents and teachers, whose support was important, and greatly appreciated.

Personally, I thought this night was really lovely, not only because we had a beautiful Baby Grand Piano rented out, but because students were given the opportunity to present their hard work! And even if we’re just kids, and we’re not perfect, everyone tried their best to create art, and that’s what I found most important about this night.

Jazzy Boehme, Year 9

Variety Night

Variety Night was an amazing night celebrating all things arts, music, and drama. It showcased many students with a variety of talents who performed in ensembles, small groups, duos, and solos. With an audience of teachers, fellow students, friends, and family, backstage was full of nerves and excitement. I think I can speak for everyone when saying we were all a little nervous, but with the help of our host Mr Shiell, the night went off without a hitch. Two of the most memorable performances were of course the ensembles that performed “This Is Me” at the beginning of the show and the final performance “We’re All In This Together”. The students involved had been working towards the performance for weeks before the show, and their hard work paid off. The effort and energy that was contributed by everyone involved really made a magical performance that put smiles on everyone’s faces, and it was clear that all the students involved had fun too. Everyone did an amazing job during the show, and a special shoutout to our tech and mic crew who were perfect with timing and sound. Put together by both students and teachers, it was a show stopping display of the opportunities presented to students who were interested in the arts at our school.

Lucy English, Year 10 Music Student

Wear it Purple Day

This year, MSJ celebrated Wear it Purple Day for the first time! Wear it Purple was established to show young people across the globe that there is hope, that there are people who support and accept them, and that they have the right to be proud of who they are. We were very proud of the MSJ community for turning up to show their support for LGBTQIA+ by wearing purple on the day. This was a visible show of support that bullying based around diverse identities is not welcome at MSJ.

As well as purple outfits and accessories, students enjoyed a shared lunch with giveaways, while bands from Year 8 and Year 11 provided the music.

The day was also the launch of our PRISM group, who aim to ensure that MSJ is a welcoming environment for members of our community who identify with or care about the LGBTQIA+ community. The group believes that diverse identities should be respected, supported and included at MSJ, which correlates to the College’s acceptance statement that all are made in the image and likeness of God and born with equal dignity.

Plans for Wear it Purple Day 2023 are already underway!

Book Week 2022

2022 ‘Dreaming with Eyes Open’ Book Week was choc-a-block full of books and book-related activities including quizzes, competitions, author talks and our big book swap and sale.

The highlight of the week was the Trivia Extravaganza, which featured 10 teams, 100 treat boxes and a tie-breaker finish. Congratulations to Kayla Britnell, leader of team ‘Book Worms’, who knew the name of the person who invented the system for organising books on a library’s non-fiction shelves was Dewey – beating the teacher/Year 12 table in the tense tie breaker!

Our photo competition Pets Caught Reading provided a lot of amusement. Sixty six pets were captured with their paws, claws and snouts deep in a book. Pets included a horse, budgie, lizard, fish, plastic pig, two bunnies, a stack of cats and lots of dogs. The winning photo of a chook reading was taken by Lynda Azzopardi.

Match the Teacher to their Favourite Childhood Book was hugely popular, but trickier than expected. Year 11 student Tonushree Saha got the most correct, managing to match 10 of the 12 teachers to their favourite book.

Students keen to learn more about writing enjoyed an up-close-and-personal session with author Leanne Hall, who talked to them about her writing life, writing influences and her new book The Gaps, which is set in a private all-girls school and involves a kidnapping!!

Author illustrator Anna Zobel talked to art students about her writing and art and taught them some of her drawing processes, including the importance of drawing with your eyes closed.

The Book Swap and Sale had books for every budget - new books were $5, pre-loved books $1 and a selection of retired library books were free. More than 200 books were sold or swapped – that’s a lot of students with new reading material!! The Book Swap will run until the end of the term.

Male Mentors Breakfast

On Friday 9 September, MSJ hosted the Male Mentors Breakfast to celebrate the men in our lives who have shaped us into the strong women we are today. We acknowledged the parents, brothers, friends, teachers and other special people who played a part in our upbringing and continue to love and nurture us for who we are.

We were lucky enough to be joined on the morning by Dave Appels and Steven Unsworth, both dads of current MSJ students, for a panel to share their insight and inspiration as male mentors. It was thoughtful, sensitive and heartening. There was laughter and tears and all around was an incredible panel and an amazing morning.

Student Leadership Team 2022/2023

At Mount St Joseph Girls’ College, we are very fortunate to have students who exhibit excellent leadership and lead by example. This year, our Student Leadership Team have been great role models to others in our College community and have led with grace and integrity. We thank the WAAMSS, senior and junior student leaders for their amazing efforts this year and what they have brought to the MSJ community, a sense of pride, belonging and engagement.

We’d like to officially welcome the students who have been appointed as the 2022/2023 Student Leadership Team. Through a lengthy interview process, the students have exemplified qualities of great leaders and we look forward to working with them to foster their leadership.


College Captains: Kate Lavers and Zara Curtis

Wellbeing Leader: Bridget Munro

Academic and Applied Learning Leader: Prisha Anand

Arts Leader: Kesara Brocas-Reti

Ministry Leader: Isabella Fiumara

Sustainability Leader: Jade Neary

Social Justice Leader: Delaney Calder


Co-Curricular Leaders: Vedangi Khanna and Alice Imms

Cameron House Leaders: Georgia Kikidis and Isabella Kendall

Kincumber House Leaders: Sophie Aitchison and Neha Arumalla

McCormack House Leaders: Holly Moore and Sophie Mallabone

Penola House Leaders: Mila Fanjek and Lily Gould

Providence House Leaders: Olivia O'Rourke and Monique Parker

Solomon House Leaders: Jessica Chawla and Louise O'Connor


Cameron House Leaders: Emilie Blight and Mia Munro

Kincumber House Leaders: Amalia Brocas-Reti and Imogen Kerr

McCormack House Leaders: Jessica Blakemore and Riley Giles

Penola House Leaders: Joanne Denny and Chloe Whelan

Providence House Leaders: Ava Trajcevski and Joni Korokoro

Solomon House Leaders: Abbey Norden and Saoirse Mullins

Student Leadership Team House Challenges

In Term 3, the student leaders have been engaging the students in a range of house activities. Each week, the student leaders organised a challenge for each level to complete a task in house groups. Being on the home stretch to receive house points towards the house cup, all the year levels were excited to participate.

Gathering in their year levels and cheering on their houses, our students had a great time competing against each other to grow their house tally.

The Year 7s completed a chocolate relay, where they had to cut a block of chocolate using a plastic fork and knife and as a team eat the whole block. The Year 8s battled the weather conditions outside as they competed in a sour strap race. The Year 9s challenged their acting skills, playing a game of charades. The Year 10s tested their pop culture knowledge with a game of Family Feud. The Year 11s worked on their fine motor skills transferring m&m’s using chopsticks, and the Year 12s used their hand and eye coordination in a game of Point Pong.

These challenges were a success, being able to bring our year levels together and have our students engage in their houses, bringing a sense of pride and community.

Georgia Bettiol - Student Engagement Leader

College Tuition Fees

Statements have been emailed to families detailing account balances as at 5 September 2022.

Families that do not have a scheduled payment arrangement are reminded that all fees are required to be finalised by 25 September 2022 unless alternative arrangements have been made with the Business Manager.

Your assistance in this matter is greatly appreciated.

Daniel O’Malley, Business Manager