Orienteering Championships

On 24 May, 15 students took part in the 2024 Victorian Schools Orienteering Championships at Brimbank Park. The event had eight different maps, each catered to the different ages and levels of competitors. We had many competitors spread across the year levels, many newcomers tried orienteering for the first time and some did the competition courses which were for those with experience. Overall, our school came away with 3rd in the Girls School category and we had four placements, two golds and two silvers across both competition and beginner courses. The day was lots of fun and a chance for the students to try a new sport.

Keely Williams - Year 10

CGSAV athletics carnival

On the 22nd of May this year, 65 students represented MSJ at the CGSAV athletics carnival at Albert Park Athletics Track. Throughout the day, many track and field events were competed and won, with multiple students bringing home first, second, and third place ribbons, making the school proud. After a long day of activity, MSJ placed 6th in the junior level, 4th in intermediates, and 4th in seniors. Overall, the final placement of our school was 4th. Big thanks to all the teachers and students who helped host the day and made it run smoothly.

Gemma Walsh Year 10

Cross Country

On 30 May, students from Years 7-10 (with unfortunately no seniors) participated in CGSAV Cross Country. The day was filled with excitement, persistence and support, even when the weather conditions weren’t ideal. In junior division 1, MSJ came overall 4th, with an outstanding performance by Sophie Cookson making top 10.

In the Intermediate team, MSJ came 5th, close 4th by 10 points, with another outstanding performance by Keely Williams, coming 4th and getting a personal best time.

At the end of the day, MSJ came 6th overall which is an exceptional performance for the competitive division 1 cross country.

Gemma Walsh - Year 10

Kingsville Primary Netball Gala Umpiring

We arrived at the Altona Netball/Basketball stadium the same time as the primary school buses where we had a huge warm welcome from all the schools.

The Gala Day was very sweet between all the teams, where some had never played before and some had obviously played before.

As one of the small number of umpires representing Mount St. Joseph Girls College, we had to cover a whole court by ourselves, which the teams were aware of and very kind about.

When we were umpiring, we realised how kind the teams were to each other too. If some of the players from one team didn’t understand the calls, the other team helped.

I am very happy to have joined this experience, as I got to know a lot of the primary school kids and I got to meet some I already knew.

Congratulations to the winning teams and I hope I get the chance to umpire them again.

Chloe Sutton (MSJ student umpire) - Year 9