Year 8 Students share their experiences of the activity days

Yoga / PilatesKeira Broadway
We all had the option of doing a “mind and body” class. This class involved doing partner activities, relaxing our minds and stretching our bodies. We did a mix of different yoga poses and other techniques to help our minds and bodies connect. All in all it was a really good activity that I really enjoyed.
Melbourne Central food courtChiara Fortuna
Our whole cohort got the opportunity to enjoy lunch at Melbourne Central. It was a wonderful activity that helped gain us independence and freedom, and most importantly, be with our friends to explore various shops in the building. Of course many of us managed to get our hands on the best 5-star meal you could get, Macca’s, however aside from food, many of us got to go to our favourite shops - most of us probably targeting clothing shops, Mint my Desk and the Sephora downstairs. Melbourne Central was a personal highlight for me as it gave me the chance to just be with my friends and have moments with them that I’ll be sure not to forget anytime soon. Overall, it was a very fun experience and a great start to our three day excursion.
Culturally Diverse Young Women's PanelManuela Cano Salas
The culturally diverse womans panel was very intresting to hear as everyone in the panel had very different storys and different experiances in how they connected to their culture. It was a bit sad how we could not hear everything we were supposed to hear due to us being late but overall it was a great experiance
African DrummingVeronica Byrne
On the second day our theme was Cultural Diversity. To celebrate cultural diversity, we had the option of doing an African Drumming class. Each person was given their own drum and we gathered around on the floor. We had an instructor up the front leading us and showing us what to do. He made the experience so much more enjoyable as he was not only enthusiastic but encouraging. As soon as we had a few tries drumming of the different sequences, you could hear the melodic unison of about 100 drummers. Overall it was a great experience that I would love to do again!
Bollywood dancingSofia Jones
In the middle of our trip we were given the choice to choose and explore one of two cultural activities. My friends and I chose to enjoy Bollywood dancing. We were led into a room where an instructor introduced us to her traditional moves from India, making sure that we had fun. From this experience everybody enjoyed moving around and learning more about the beauty of Indian culture, leaving us educated and fulfilled. Personally I loved how much fun I had with my friends and how we all learnt a bit more about the traditions and unique style of India and its culture.
Queen Vic Market for lunchClea Merry
The Queen Victoria Market was the destination for our lunch on the second day of activities week. Despite the light rain, it was such an enjoyable experience, and furthermore allowed us to gain more independence. Most of the cohort made their way around the market with friends, browsing the diverse range of stalls and small shops. A focal point to many, was the iconic Queen Victoria Market donuts as the donut truck was accompanied by an everlasting queue that was constantly growing longer. Overall, the Queen Victoria Market was certainly a highlight of the activities week, and was appreciated by many.
Graffiti Art TourMilla Freeland
For many of us, the graffiti art tour was a fantastic experience. Because each art piece was so diverse from the others everything stands out. As you walk by these paintings you can observe the various techniques that were sued and the reason why these artists choose the colours they do. This was a very unique experience and I highly recommend it!
Old Melb GaolChloe Sutton
On the last day, we went on a trip to the Old Melbourne Gaol. We learnt facts about the past like how they named it Gaol not jail so it seems less scary. Then we also learnt the story of Ned Kelly, Jean Lee and so much more. It was an exciting excursion and it is worth doing again.
Cafe TourEloise Burrett
On the last day a handful of the Year 8 students got to experience the cafe tour activity. It was such a fun experience to be allowed to walk around the city with your friends and peers. It felt very independent and self orientating, using your own money and going to the cafes you want to go to. The Year 8 students will definitely remember this activity and will be a lot more comfortable to walk around the city in their own time.
MuseumSofia Jones
One of the many activities available to the Year 8 students was access to the Melbourne Museum gardens where we could experience the atmosphere of a tropical Mesozoic Period filled with riveting plant life. Each student was set to explore the nature of the vibrant room. The caves smelt like fresh rain, with dew dropping off its leaves filling the garden with a fresh feeling. We had the choice to choose between two dinosaur themed gardens which involved fun activities and education of Australia's native plant life. Overall it was a very beautiful trip that I am glad to have experienced with my friend.
MCG TourAlyssa Mastandrea
One of the many fun activities the Year 8 students got to experience was taking a tour of the MCG. Many of us chose the MCG because it was a once in a lifetime experience. This is because the students were able to go into places of the MCG that many people haven't seen before, these are places such as the change rooms and the actual sports ground. We had some lovely tour guides showing us the history of players and the stadium. Overall it was a wonderful experience!
Harbourside at the Star Wheel for lunchEva Sawyer
All of the Year 8 students had lunch at the Harbourside at the Star Wheel for lunch. KFC was the most popular choice and it was so very busy. Subway was the second choice but was also starting to get super packed as well. After we finished lunch we had a little bit of time before our ArtVo or Ice skating activites started so we could stay seated or just walk around docklands.
ArtVoNatasha Bonaccurso
Artvo had a unique experience that enabled students to indulge in their creative abilities. The experience was enhanced the multiple scenes of mind blowing 3D wall paintings students could pose in front of. Doing this outstanding activity with my peers formed memories and laughs I will never forget. The pictures that my classmates and I took are constant reminders of this fun time and the variety of back drops and the detail poured into every artwork was astonishing and so cool to work with. All the staff who worked at Artvo were exceptionally nice and it was such a cool expierence.
Ice-skatingCecilia Corluka
After enjoying lunch in the District Docklands, we walked to O'Brien Icehouse to enjoy an amusing end to the Activities Week. After getting organised and comfortable with a helmet, skates and the freezing ice rink, it was very entertaining to skate with friends, see students fall over and everyone attempting to skate without holding onto anything. The O'Brien staff were very happy to teach us the basics of skating and I think everyone wanted to stay for hours if they could.