Libraries are vibrant places where diverse minds come together to learn, explore, create and collaborate.

Our library strives to remain relevant and contemporary, meeting the needs of anyone from our community who walks through its doors. Our Guided Inquiry program teaches the principles of research with a focus on using resources ethically, safely, and sustainably. Our Junior Reading Program supports students' reading goals and introduces strategies to assist in developing a lifelong enjoyment of reading for pleasure.

The LRC provides a safe, inviting space for the entire MSJ community. With opportunities for collaboration, science-based learning, relaxation, project-based learning, 3D computing, and private study, the library has developed into the true hub of the school.

Learning Resource Centre Online

All of our resources are accessible online so that students are connected to the LRC 24/7.

You can browse the LRC online via Oliver here

Learning Resource Centre Opening Hours

Monday to Thursday: 8am - 4.30pm

Friday: 8am - 4.00pm

Join a Club

The LRC hosts a wide range of lunchtime clubs and activities at which all students are welcome.

Students have full access to the LRC Clubs LearnPath page through Oliver which has more information available about each of our Clubs, as well as a full timetable of activities. In 2021, LRC Clubs will also be using Microsoft Teams as a place to collate all relevant information and provide further information to students.

Some of the clubs available to all students:

Photography Club

Photography Club gives students a chance to learn the basics of photography with our DSLR cameras. We provide all cameras and SD cards but dedicated students are encouraged to bring their own SD cards.

Chess Club

Chess Club is run once a week for friendly Chess competitions between students. Everyone is welcome - no experience necessary!

Homework Club

Homework Club runs every day after school in the LRC. Learning Support Officers are present every day to provide assistance.

AV Club

The AV Club is for students are who are interested in working on audio and video projects, such as podcasts or YouTube series, to collaborate and share skills. This club is new in 2021.


Makerspace is a consistently popular club where students create hands-on projects and are guided through skill-building activities. The club has access to current technologies such as a 3D printer and Cricut machine.

Literature Club

The Literature Club is for anyone interested in all aspects of reading and creative writing. The club provides an opportunity for students to work on a personal writing project, edit with peers, read and review books, as well as contribute to the quarterly student publication.

Tech Club

The Tech Club has access to some amazing current technology. We have a team enrolled in VEX Robotics as well as access to smart-toys like Spheros, as well as a subscription to Kiwico DIY Tech kits for students to build.

Gaming Club

The Gaming Club is open to all students who want to join in. With free play sessions as well as regular competitions, as well as a dedicated LRC Minecraft server, students have plenty of gaming choices.

Clubs Timetable
Chess Club, AV Club

Photography Club

Literature Club

Tech Club


Makerspace, Gaming Club