Belonging Days

Over the course of Term 1, students in Year 7 took part in the annual induction program into the MSJ community and to learn about Mary MacKillop and the Josephite charism, the Year 7 Belonging Day. This day consisted of students visiting the Mary MacKillop Heritage Centre and going on a guided walk through the CBD discovering all the important landmarks that are connected to the story of Saint Mary MacKillop. Below are excerpts from some of the students who took part:

Belonging Day was a great experience!

I was filled with so much interesting information about Mary MacKillop. During the excursion, we visited so many amazing sites. Our first stop was the Mary MacKillop Heritage Centre, which I found to be very interesting. We visited the very building where Mary looked after the poor children and women, who had no jobs and no way to support themselves. We also went into the room where Mary's wheelchair is. The Heritage Centre had such a sacred feeling.

By Jade Stewart 7 Kincumber

On Belonging Day, we went from place to place discovering what Mary MacKillop's journey in Melbourne looked like. We saw why and what she did to create a better home and future for many kids and women all over. We learned how she had lived her life and the difficulties she faced. We were all so inspired by her actions and her positive attitude to helping everyone.

We heard about her becoming paralysed at the age of 60. None of us have ever even imagined not being able to use the right side of our body before. One of Mary’s quotes was, “Never see a need without doing something about it”. This means so much in our world today and we should use this quote more often in our lives. Mary MacKillop has taught us to live in the moment, always be kind, and to include all people no matter what they have done or said. Belonging Day has taught the Year 7 Kincumber class so much and why it is so important to be kind. We have all become better people and now understand that we are lucky and grateful for what we have today. It was awesome learning all about Mary MacKillop. This was an amazing experience, the staff who worked there were great guides and it was really fun. Thank you to the staff of the Heritage Centre for an educating experience!

By Nia Oliver 7 Kincumber