College Tuition Fees

Updated statements were issued during the last week of Term 1.

If you are yet to commence 2022 payments, it would be appreciated if you bring your account up to date.

The College fees schedule and related deduction forms (Direct Debit / Credit Card / Centrepay) can be accessed via the following link.

$1,225 CSEF reduction in fees for eligible students

Families who hold health care (HCC), pensioner concession (PCC) or veterans’ affairs gold card and temporary foster parents are strongly urged to complete the CSEF form (also included on our website as it provides significant reductions in fees.

Should you have any queries in relation to your account, please contact Mrs Heather Rinaldi ( or 8398 2000 (Option 3).

Your continued support is appreciated.

Daniel O’Malley - Business Manager

Expressions of Interest Sought - Family Picnic Evening

The College would like to gauge if there is any interest to attend a family picnic night to be held at the College at a date to be confirmed.

This event would give families the chance to meet & reconnect after being socially isolated due to COVID. The College would either provide a BBQ for a small fee or we would engage food trucks to provide dinner. Families would also be very welcome to bring their own food or takeaway meal.

If interested, please complete THIS FORM HERE. No date has yet been set for this event and this form is not a RSVP.

Harmony Week

This year, MSJ celebrated Harmony Week as a community on 25 March with a day of cultural celebrations. On this day, students were encouraged to come to school and showcase their culture or pride through cultural dress or accessories that showed their diversity!

A number of activities were planned for Friday lunchtime, face painting, cultural performances and a cultural catwalk, all of which were a huge success! A huge congratulations to our performers; Madeleine Gill, Prisha Nadar, Vaishnavi Surapaneni, and Nicole Peña, on their incredible dances. It was an amazing turnout and the student and staff participation was fantastic! We are so proud of the diversity in our school and it was beautiful to see everyone expressing and celebrating their culture and identity.

After these performances came the announcement for the 2022 MMADD (Music, Media, Arts, Drama, Dance) Day theme! It was announced that the theme is 'Childhood Nostalgia' and the Year 7 and 12 students will be performing to this theme with a song by their chosen artist. We can’t wait to see what the houses put together for their performances. Overall, it was a wonderful day filled with lots of joy and pride!

By Isabel Vella Year 12 - Arts Leader

International Womens Day

The International Women's Day breakfast was recently held at Mount Saint Joseph's Girls College. All mother’s, grandmother’s and special female figures of our school community were welcome to come together to recognise and focus on the Women's Rights Act and to appreciate how important women are and to be proud of the very important part we play in society.

This year's theme was #breakthebias. We were lucky enough to be joined by two former MSJ Students Thalia Kotiau, Kiara Clements and her business partner Emily Genoese who spoke about being women in business and community service. We came together to celebrate all our students and their mothers, sisters, aunts, grandmothers and other female role models present in our lives. It was inspiring to see young women breaking the bias in our society and especially in our college community and having such great success in our lives.

The Year 11 VCAL Students were responsible for planning the breakfast. They ensured food was brought out on time and was served in a proper and courteous manner. The morning was a success with many happy people enjoying their breakfast and each other's company.

We have received great feedback about the morning tea and enjoyed being a part of this experience.

International Women’s Day

May we know them.

May we be them.

May we raise them.

By Kayla Bianchin & Lauren Vander

What's happening in Food Technology and Product Design and Texhnology:

The students from Year 7-12 have been busy creating, designing, producing and evaluating in both Product Design and Technology and Food Technology.

The Year 7 students have completed a term in Food Technology with an introduction to the kitchen where they have learnt about the essential principles of safety and hygiene in the kitchen. They have produced a range of dishes including rice paper roll, highlighting their mastery of different cutting skills, a couscous salad with halloumi and chickpeas and pancakes.

The Year 7 Product Design and Technology students have been busy using the sewing machines to produce a tote bag. They designed an image which they carved on lino and printed these on their bags. They also researched issues around sustainability.

In Year 8 Food Technology, the students have been enjoying a unit on baking and gaining an understanding of oven use and oven safety whilst producing a range of sweet and savoury delights including brownies, spicy tortilla triangles and carrot cake. The students have shown confidence in following a recipe and producing excellent results.

Year 8 Product Design and Technology has seen the students introduced to garment construction with the students producing a pair of pyjama pants. The students used both the sewing machine and overlocker to complete their garment. They have also delved into the topic of embroidery and are learning a number of different stitches which they can then use to embellish a pair of woollen gloves for winter time.

And in Year 9 Food Technology, the students are studying the Key Food Groups and making a range of recipes that reflect the food groups including Thai Green chicken Curry, Spinach and Cheese Triangles and Calzone.

In Year 9, the Product Design and Technology students have been constructing a hoodie. The students have been using a commercial pattern and following the instructions and working out which piece goes with which to make a well-designed hoodie.

In Year 10, the Food Technology students have been looking at food from 'around the world' and they have looked at Indigenous, Mediterranean, and French cuisine, making chocolate and wattleseed puddings, Greek biscuits and apple tarte tatin.

The Year 10 Product Design and Technology students were lucky to attend a personal talk and tour of the Chanel Exhibition at the NGV. The talk highlighted just how ahead of her times Chanel was, and how much a woman with drive can achieve. Great inspiration for MSJ students! The students are tackling the challenge of making a different garment that reflects their style preferences, including coats, pants and skirts.

The Year 12 Product Design and Technology students have begun their final Design Brief. Within the group we have a New York puffer coat, awards night pants suit and a Bollywood dance costume.

In Food Studies in Year 11, the students are exploring the origins of food from early civilisation through to today's global world. They have researched the patterns of trade of several food commodities and the effect of technology and globalisation on food availability, production and consumption.

And finally, in Year 12 Food Studies, the students have looked at the science of food and the process of digestion, absorption and utilisation of the macronutrients. They have also looked at the chemical changes that occur during food production and cooking such as gelatinisation and aeration.

Parent Communication Survey Report

In semester two we invited parents and guardians to complete a survey to gain insight about methods for gaining feedback about their child’s learning. We asked what they found was most useful and what format is the most effective communication tool to inform the parents about what’s happening at school. Some of the key findings below have been gathered from the surveys, regarding feedback and communication at MSJ in 2022.

Key findings:

  • Overall there was positive responses from parents/guardians about communication at MSJ.

  • The parents/guardians want more personalised feedback and clear understanding of the purpose of reports

  • The information gathered suggested that the information on PAM and in emails need to be more accurate.

  • The need to revise the format of the newsletter and thinking about what changes can be made to make online communication of information more effective within our community

Response to findings:

  • Information communicated with Stewardship team for further discussion

  • Learning Development Team is revising the formats of end of semester reports.

  • Parent workshops were developed to cater to some of concerns

Parent Workshops

On the 24th of March the parents and carers had the opportunity to attend a range of workshops presented by our learning and wellbeing leaders.

There was a broad range of workshops offered on a variety of topics such as anxiety, social media, career pathways, how to thrive in VCE and understanding assessment and feedback.

All sessions aimed to give parents and carers the information and tools to support and enhance their child’s wellbeing and learning at the school.

For parents who were unable to attend you can access the workshop material on PAM.

Project Compassion

As we progress through the Catholic Season of Lent, we are continuing to fundraise for Caritas and their Project Compassion Fundraising Appeal. Following our Shrove Tuesday fundraising efforts over two days, we raised over $860. Thank you to all who donated pancake mix or purchased pancakes on either of the two days. Fundraising in Learning Mentor Groups will continue until the end of term so please continue to bring in spare coins when you are at school. We are incredibly close to breaking the $2,000 mark, with $2,550 being enough to build safe, secure homes for three families in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Let's make one final push to make a difference together, MSJ!

Mr Darcy Robinson - Social Justice Leader