Synergy November 2022

Our mass for the Graduating Class of 2022 was a fitting celebration of the joy, enthusiasm, and communal spirit with which they have approached the year. Families were welcomed into our gathering with these words:

"Tonight, we gather to honour and celebrate our graduating students as they end their time at Mt St Joseph’s. We recognize however, that this is but one step on their journey, the conclusion of one season in their lives. It has been a season filled with many joys: of learning and growth, of forming and nurturing friendships, of curiosity and discovery. Naturally they have faced many challenges along the way, and we could not be prouder of the strength and courage shown by this cohort as they have moved through these years with resilience and determination, supporting one another and empowering each other to reach towards their dreams."

Ministry Captain, Sarah Price, shared her own reflections on her time at Mt St Joseph’s:

Right now, we are in a moment of celebration. But as we look to the future and the moments that are soon to come, for a great many of us there is a sense of uncertainty and nervousness. Reflecting on the faith experience at this school has been difficult, there is such a varied experience among us.

However, as an MSJ community, we have been called to let Jesus guide our lives. To inspire us, to live our lives to the fullest. To inspire us with messages of hope. But most importantly to inspire us with values, which we want to live our lives with.

Each of us intrinsically carries values and possesses qualities that make us who we are. And sometimes we are met with new values and personal qualities along the way. Personal qualities and values that we aspire to have or need to work on.

From our earliest days at MSJ, we are encouraged to live with Virtue and courage as a part of our school motto. Not only that but each of our houses are centred around an individual quality, Solomon - inclusivity, Cameron- knowledge, Penola- Courage, McCormack Compassion, Kincumber- Dignity and providence-trust. For many of us, these values have helped to shape part of our being, whilst for others, it may have sparked ambition to strengthen particular areas of our life

Moving through school life, we have existed in an echo chamber of these qualities, constantly being encouraged and guided to live them out in our day-to-day lives. But as we are moving into the so-called “real world”, we will be placed in a bigger bubble with thousands of choices, pressures, challenges and influences surrounding us. It can be all too easy, to be led astray, to be pressured into doing something that doesn't quite sit right with you or to feel lost within yourself. But with support from others, unique passions and interests and a bit of effort we can get to where we want to be. And we can build ourselves up so that we feel confident in ourselves and what we truly care about.

This year we were given the theme “Daring to live with courage”. Countless times throughout this year I have watched each of you step out of your comfort zone. I have watched you speak up about injustices you’ve seen. I have watched you participate in clubs and school events that you typically wouldn’t do. I have watched you be open and vulnerable with one another. Everything from sharing your faith perspective to being willing to share your truth with others. And I have watched each of you commit to showing up at school, (even on the days that you really don't want to).

You lived up to this year's theme. You dared to step out of your comfort zone and step up to challenges. But this does not just end here. This is not a theme to live for just one year of your life. As you go out into the world outside our community, I hope that you choose to keep daring to live courageously. Do things that push you out of your comfort zone and learn from those experiences. Because that is how growth happens

For a great majority of you, I also joined in on your RE Ministry class. Each of you worked for our community. To do something that would positively impact others. Simultaneously you were doing something good for yourself. Together we helped out with various events at MSJ. From running the MSJ Op Shop to supporting paschal way of light celebrations to running JJAMM week stalls. You all have made a difference in our community.

So I hope that wherever life takes you, you decide to use your gifts, talents and time for good. Use it to uplift others, to work fearlessly for equity, to create things you are proud of and to share the things that you value.

To sum up,.....Lead with love MSJ. You’ve got this"

We thank God for the blessings the class of 2022 have brought this community and pray they will continue to flourish into the future, daring to live with courage as students formed in the Josephite spirit. We ask for God’s continued blessing on each of them and their families as the time comes for them to move on from this place.

Andrea Grant

Director of Catholic Identity