VCAA Exams

Our Year 12 students sitting exams have been remarkable in the way they have approached this exam period in a calm and organised manner. We continue to hold them in our prayers as they look forward to what life has next in store for them.

HeadStart Program

The VCE / VM HeadStart program provides students with the opportunity to engage with their 2023 subjects.

The HeadStart Program for Years 11 and 12 students 2023 will take place Monday 14 November – 25 November. During HeadStart students will participate in 2 hour workshops for each VCE and VM Unit. Learning tasks will be set to assist students to commence the new year with confidence and knowledge regarding the type of learning that occurs in each subject. Students can expect to be given homework that is designed to prepare them for school assessed coursework (SAC) tasks that occur very early in the course.

VCE Unit 3/4 Subject Results (Year 11 and 12 students)

All students undertaking a VCE Unit 3/4 will receive a statement of VCE study scores from VCAA via post.

To access the Results and ATAR Service online or via the App, from 7am, Monday 12 December 2022, students will need to register on the Results and ATAR website before this date. Students will be asked to provide their name, VCAA student number, date of birth, email address and create an 8-letter password. The password created will be valid for use in both the app and website. For more FAQ see:

Final Change of Preference

Students can change tertiary course preferences if desired, but final change of preference closes Wednesday, 14 December, 2022 at 12pm. All Universities and TAFEs have 1:1 counselling hotlines and online service between Monday, 12 December - Wednesday, 14 December 2022.

Offers and enrolment

• Offers are emailed to students & in VTAC account on Wednesday, 21 December at 2pm

• Enrolment = accepting the offer (due within a few days)

Always accept the offer

  • MUST attend/or enrol online
  • pay students amenities fees
  • choose subjects
  • pay tuition fees or provide a Tax file number for HECS
  • Officially defer prior to enrolment date, as per University email instructions

Awards Evening

Our Awards Evening is an opportunity to recognise the many achievements of members of the College community throughout 2018. The Mount St. Joseph Awards Night will be held on Thursday December 1 at 7.00pm.

The evening will recognise student academic achievement and student involvement.