On Thursday 14 October 2021, Year 10 Media had the opportunity to meet with Andrew Kelly over zoom. Andrew Kelly is an Australian-born photographer currently residing and working full time in New York City as a Photojournalist. As a photographer for newspapers and magazines, Andrew Kelly follows a key code of ethics: accurately represent subjects, avoid bias or stereotyping in work, avoid influencing the actions of the subject. His work motto is to "keep it real!".

He has worked on assignments for Reuters, Getty Images, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and his images have been published nationally and globally. Though Andrew Kelly has grown into an amazing photographer over the years, he revealed to Year 10 Media that he hadn’t planned on becoming a photographer and wasn’t even interested in art during high school!

Through travelling and meeting new people, Andrew developed his love for photography. He constantly pushed himself out of his comfort zone and took on challenges he never would've imagined doing in high school or back in Australia. Andrew has truly inspired students to think outside the box and not limit themselves to half-hearted opportunities. “Don’t worry about making mistakes” Andrew comforts, and to just “live life with no regrets”.

After hearing Andrew's journey from a small town in Melton, travelling the globe, building his career in photography, and finally moving to New York, the Year 10s had many questions about work as a photographer! Here are three key questions answered by Andrew Kelly himself:

Q: To achieve a sharp focus on all aspects of your photographs, without losing detail when doing large scenes and landscape photography?

A: Slowed apertures, f-16 or 21, Longer shutter speed, Tripod.

Q: To create moody images?

A: Use prime lenses, wider apertures, fixed lenses F 2, 1.8, No Flash! Use natural lighting and try to create shadows.

Q: Should I use flash in photojournalism?

A: Don't use flash! Flash distracts the subject and destroys a raw image.

By Isabella Fiumara Year 10 Media Student, (3 Kincumber)

Year 10 Media students photography work inspired by Andrew Kelly

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