In 2021 as a College, we have been blessed with a Student Leadership Team who have embodied the true spirit of a Mount St. Joseph Girls’ College student. The students have led with grace, confidence and empathy through a momentous and turbulent year. The 2021 team are to be acknowledged for their efforts to engage our college in school events with new ideas and concepts. By advocating for student voice, creating wholesome school assemblies, keeping our students connected, and developing programs and incentives to engage our community, we thank the 2021 Student Leadership Team for all their work.

Moving into the new year, we’d like to introduce the new Student Leadership Team for 2022. We look forward to what the new team has to offer and the exciting new ideas they bring to engage our College.

2022 WAAMSS Team

  • College Captains – Lauren Vander & Amelia Vivera
  • Wellbeing Leader – Nina Unsworth
  • Arts Leader – Isabel Vella
  • Academic Leader – Samantha Chua
  • Ministry Leader – Sarah Price
  • Social Justice Leader – Jasmine Maharaj
  • Sustainability Leader – Zoha Talpur

2022 Senior Student Leaders

  • VCAL Leader – Amy Furlan
  • Co-Curricular Leaders – Nicole Pena & Luna Forero Guzman
  • Cameron House Leaders – Tara Mathews (Arts) & Alannah Te (Wellbeing)
  • Kincumber House Leaders – Carla Sinni (Arts) & Sophia Tripodi (Wellbeing)
  • McCormack House Leaders – Olivia Massarany (Arts) & Ivy Saliba (Wellbeing)
  • Penola House Leaders – Amelia D’Arcy (Arts) & Lily Furnari (Wellbeing)
  • Providence House Leaders – Chloe Scott (Arts) & Sonia Cekalovic (Wellbeing)
  • Solomon House Leaders – Victoria Egan (Arts) & Jade Azzopardi (Wellbeing)

2022 Junior Student Leaders

  • Cameron House Leaders – Kate Birthisel (Arts) & Emily Bozovic (Wellbeing)
  • Kincumber House Leaders – Lily Hood (Arts) & Bianca Anderson (Wellbeing)
  • McCormack House Leaders – Amy White (Arts) & Bridget Bromley (Wellbeing)
  • Penola House Leaders – Lola Refardt (Arts) & Hethushi Hapuarachchi (Wellbeing)
  • Providence House Leaders – Millie Scott (Arts) & Eliza Pelns (Wellbeing)
  • Solomon House Leaders – Caitlyn Marshall (Arts) & Poppy Wickham (Wellbeing)