College Captains

Starting Term 4 as new College Captains has been a challenging, enlightening yet enjoyable experience thus far. We began the term by finishing up our new Leadership Team’s introductory video, receiving the handover from the 2018/2019 team, and running our first assembly. Our WAAMS team organised a competition to select the class of 2020 motto, and Year 12 jumper. The final motto that was decided on was “The 2020 Vision” and we really believe that this accurately represents us all as the future leaders of our community through initiating new and exciting ideas throughout the year. We have begun organising a ‘Class of 2020’ Yearbook exclusively for Year 12 students in addition to the current whole school yearbook. Our aim for this is to ensure that all the whole year level graduates with a memento to keep forever and keep this as a tradition each year at MSJ.

For the remainder of Term 4, we are organising end-of-year celebrations for House groups, and running a get-together for senior students in which various lunchtime activities will coexist, including colouring, music, sports, and good conversation, aiming to increase senior extracurricular participation. Looking to 2020, the Leadership Team is working to create an inclusivity group, designed to celebrate MSJ’s diversity, and to create programs through which the student body can gain an increased awareness of current societal issues. We strongly believe that the team bond our leadership team will form will ensure that we can create an eventful year ahead.

In 2020, we are endeavouring to demonstrate a greater focus on key issues or concerns of the student body, by working with the Stewardship Team to create a forum through which teachers and Leadership can give opinions on various issues within the MSJ community, and then work proactively to solve them. We strongly value relationships between year levels as we personally know how significant they have been to us. We are aiming to encourage the blossoming of these friendships throughout many of our programs this year. 2020 is the year we focus on what the MSJ community really need to help make the secondary school experience an enjoyable and memorable one.

Olivia Caldwell and Laura Whitfort - College Captains


Starting Term 4 as the new Wellbeing Captain has been a very exciting and challenging experience! Term 4 has been an eventful time for our sports community, with table-tennis and softball occurring early in the term and the annual MSJ Sports Representative Luncheon occurring on 18 October. Congratulations to our junior table-tennis team on being named champions, and Jade Neary for being awarded MVP, as well as our intermediate softball team for being named champions, with Caroline Moustos as our MVP.

This year’s Sports Luncheon was phenomenal, with the MSJ community being awarded the opportunity to listen to Olympic and Paralympic table-tennis player, Melissa Tapper. Melissa, along with SCSA Executive Officer Dennis Makaling, played an amazing exhibition match of table-tennis for everyone, before speaking about her journey as a table-tennis player and her challenges faced due to disability, inspiring her audience to remain resilient in order to achieve their goals.

For the remainder of the year, the Wellbeing team are currently organising end-of-year celebrations for the junior and senior year levels, as well as beginning to organise activities for Term 1 of next year. Moving into 2020, our portfolio is looking at increasing extracurricular participation within all fields, not only focusing on sport. We also hope to foster an inclusive, passionate culture within the College so that everyone’s ‘house spirit’ may continue to grow and so everyone feels a sense of belonging within the MSJ community.

Penny Parker - Wellbeing Captain


Being MSJ’s new Academic Captain, I am more than delighted to shine more light and brighten the academic folio. My aim as the academic captain is to bridge the relationship between the VCAL and VCE students, reinforce that academics do not define who you are or what you need to be, and that the academics doesn’t only focus on English, Maths and Science. As of this year, the Academic folio has now expanded to include a team of high-achieving students ranging from Years 7 to 11. So far, the team has constructed posters regarding mental and physical well-being and exam tips for students taking their exams this term. They have also ventured into planning events, such as Pi Day, for next year. The Academic Team and I are looking forward to showcasing what we have in store for the MSJ community.

Pooja Chelimela - Academic Captain


The arts at MSJ are highly valued among students and the College community and it as an absolute pleasure to be taking on the role of Arts Captain for 2020. Whether you like the performing arts, media arts or visual arts, 2020 sure has something lined up for you. The College musical has been announced for 2020 as Mary Poppins Jnr. and it will be an amazing opportunity to give something new a go, or to blossom an already existing love for musical theatre. On another note, the remainder of 2019 would be a chance to include something creative into your routine. A great way to take the stress off end-of-year exams is by filling your breaks with a creative outlet - you could write a song, play some music, work on a short film idea, or be inspired to paint or draw. There are many opportunities to try something new and stress-relieving in the arts area. Overall, I hope 2020 is a year that all students try something art-related and understand the importance that art holds in the community of MSJ.

Tia Stewart - Arts Captain


Starting as the new Ministry Captain at MSJ has been such a great, challenging although amazing experience so far. We started Term 4 off with ‘Socktober’. Socktober is an initiative of Catholic Mission and one way that our school can fundraise and engage in advocacy and formation activities for Catholic Mission during World Mission Month in October. With the help of our Cameron junior and senior House leaders, we were able to raise $356.35. This year's funds raised from Socktober went to India, to help those in need, and this helped students learn more about eradicating poverty in our world. As well as Socktober, the Ministry and Social Justice Team is excited to announce our annual Christmas Hampers once again. Every year, MSJ donates Christmas Hampers that are given to Joseph’s Corner. With simple items whether it is a small tin of canned goods, we as members of the School are creating these baskets to help others in our community. These donations are for a great cause and with your help and contribution, we can create many hampers that will go to assist many in the community.

It is such a great pleasure to be taking the role of Ministry Captain of 2020, and I'm looking forward to the many challenges to come for the coming year. I hope 2020 is a year all students continue to explore the faith in our school, as well as engaging in the activities that are going to be brought on throughout the year!

Nadine Gunadi - Ministry Captain

Social Justice

Whilst the school year is coming to a close, the Social Justice Team’s work is just beginning. With Christmas just around the corner, the team has been busy with our first project; the Joseph’s Corner Christmas Appeal. Christmas is an exciting and joyous time for many, whether it be a delicious Christmas dinner, stockings filled with goodies or presents underneath the tree. However, there are some families who are not as fortunate and don’t get to experience those opportunities that we sometimes take for granted. The Christmas Appeal promotes the community spirit through students’ donations of items such as toiletries, canned foods and toys which will be put into hampers and donated to Joseph’s Corner. These hampers will then go to families in need in our community.

Below is a list of the items each Learning Mentor group will be donating:

- 7 MCC, 8G, SOL 1:Puddings/Cakes/Mince pies

- 7 KIN, 9A, SOL 2: Canned foods

- 7 SOL, 9B, SOL 3: Biscuits

- 7 PROV 1, 9C, PROV 1: Nuts & Chocolate

- 7 PROV 2, 9D, PROV 2: Bon bons

- 7 CAM, 9E, PROV 3: Body soap and moisturiser

- 7 PEN, 9F, CAM 1: Toothpaste and toothbrush

- 8A, MCC 1, CAM 2: Toiletries (shampoo, body wash, etc.)

- 8B, MCC 2, CAM 3: Female hygiene products

- 8C, MCC 3, PEN 1: Toys for ages 0-5

- 8D, KIN 1, PEN 2: Toys for ages 5-10

- 8E, KIN 2, PEN 3: Toys for ages 10-15

- 8F, KIN 3: Stationary and presents

Every donation counts!

The coming year will be a very busy year (as always) for the Social Justice Team, filled with many projects and issues to raise awareness for and actions to be taken. We hope and strongly encourage that as members of the MSJ College and the wider community, students will stand in solidarity and take an active part in the upcoming activities and projects organised by the team.

Thuy Vu - Social Justice Leader