Highlights from Catholic Education Week

“Our time in Catholic Education has been a holistic journey where we have grown both personally and spiritually. We have developed skills that take us beyond the walls of MSJ. We have embraced the College motto, courage and virtue and aim to be risk takers to embrace life and model virtue in our interactions with all people. We understand and value the importance of belonging and a sense of community and having positive relationships. Our learning of Christ, being our light, guides us and helps us to live with faith, hope and love” – WAAMSS

“To work in Catholic Education means to work for a greater purpose, a mission which we have been entrusted to. We are a part of a global Church, each day we are in the classroom we mustn't lose perspective of this” - Robert Herrera, Faith & Identity Curriculum Leader

We pray that we continue to maximise opportunities to proclaim our Catholic identity, celebrate our faith tradition, host, and participate in activities which build a sense of community and actively promote Catholic education.

Walking with Jesus to Calvary

On the last day of term, the entire College community stopped to retrace the final days of Jesus’ life which we refer to as the Stations of the Cross. This representation was designed by the Faith Team and Ms Laura Zarb with her Year 8 Drama class accompanied with our Choir, musicians, and selected student leaders. As we encountered each station, we creatively contemplated the situation before moving on to the next station. This way the liturgy became a shared devotional act; we walked with Jesus as he walked to Calvary. It was a very reflective and moving event.

"This year's Stations of the Cross was a more traditional experience, It allowed those both new and familiar with the catholic faith to immerse themselves with an important story in our faith tradition.

Through this, I was able to take away from the morning a better understanding as well as the ability to connect the stories and teachings of each station to our everyday lives." - Mila Fanjek Year 12