Farewell Year 12 Students

Go with Virtue and Courage

Of the many words of farewell spoken with the graduating Class of 2020, the most moving were those spoken by the College Captains, Olivia Caldwell and Laura Whitfort. It was a privilege to hear Laura and Olivia talk of their love of the MSJ community. Their words were filled with heartfelt pride and affection for their teachers, their peers, their place. In particular, what it means to be a young woman embarking on the next journey:

‘And if Sue Sofarnos has taught us anything, it’s that the most powerful thing a woman can be is a supporter of other women. That our power is ten times greater together than it is apart; that by sticking together, we can do anything. I hope that we carry this lesson with us for the rest of our lives, and refuse to be silenced, refuse to be shamed, and refuse to take anything lying down’.

I also take this opportunity to note the incredible flexibility and agility of the 2020 Student Leadership group in creating a sense of connection whilst we were apart, for their passion and their resilience. 2020 has indeed become the year we needed courageous leadership and this group of 2020 School leaders will certainly be remembered for leading with the Josephite spirit, with virtue and courage and a sense of connection. They have lived the MSJ values and motto with graciousness and have been wonderful role models to all their peers.

We wish the graduating Class of 2020 every blessing as they move beyond our gates and into the world.

VCAA Exams

Units 3 & 4

We wish all Year 12 students well as they prepare to undertake their VCE examinations over the next few weeks. Year 12 students have been issued with advice about how to manage their study over the coming weeks. The College has COVID safe plans for students to study and meet with teachers at the College.

VCAA written examinations commence on Tuesday 10 November with English and English EAL and conclude on Tuesday 1 December. All students completing an external exam have been provided with a VCE Exam Navigator Booklet that provides details of approved materials and equipment, examination rules, timetables and Special Provisions. The VCE timetable is also available from the VCAA website.

Year 12 students studying VET subjects also need to ensure all outcomes have been successfully completed.

Units 1 & 2

Please note that the Year 11 end-of-year examinations will be held from Friday 6 November – Friday 13 November.

All students must attend their scheduled exams in their full school summer uniform. There are no scheduled classes for Year 11 students during these exams, so students are expected at school only for their timetabled exams.

Year 10

All Year 10 students will sit examinations scheduled on Wednesday 11 November to Friday 13 November. There are no scheduled classes for Year 10 students during these exams, so students are expected at school only for their timetabled exams.

Years 9 – 8

All Year 9 students will sit timed tasks scheduled on Monday 30 November to Wednesday 2 December.

HeadStart Program

The HeadStart Program for Years 11 and 12 students 2021 will take place 16 November – 27 November.

During HeadStart, students will participate in 3 hour workshops for each VCE and VCAL Unit.

Homework will be set to assist students to commence the new year with confidence and knowledge regarding the type of learning that occurs in each subject. Students can expect to be given homework that is designed to prepare them for school assessed coursework (SAC) tasks that occur very early in the course.

Joanna De Bono - Deputy Principal Learning and Staff