Thank you all for an amazing ‘unprecedented’ year. The MSJ community is truly a wonderful learning environment. If ‘pivot’ is the industry buzzword of the year, then our staff, students and families have ‘pivoted’ into many aspects of the year. We have not just adapted to Remote Learning; we have shown what we can achieve when we work in partnership. By reacting quickly and proactively, our staff were able to implement a model of continuous Remote Learning. Our students revealed an independence and resilience that we might not have otherwise seen, and we very much look forward to capitalising on what we have learnt in 2021.

Congratulations to all the students for their hard work and successes throughout 2020. Success can be measured in many ways, ultimately learning is a process of positive change. Every single member of this community has shown positive learning change throughout the year and we are very proud of you for this.

Early last week, our Year 12 cohort finished their VCAA exams. This is a significant for our Year 12 community and for every family. When we speak of making transitions in life none is more challenging than that of Year 12 to the next stage. Every year is different and presents unknown and new challenges. Results will come out later in December and these will help with the next step, be that educational or vocational. For me, the results, the human capacity results, are already evident. The skills that will ensure that the Class of 2020 does not just survive but thrive in their adult years have been well set, the foundations have been laid and students will continue to flourish.

I am very proud of what the College has achieved across 2020, not just responding to the conditions but driving the change agenda and I look forward to building upon this in 2021. Have a wonderful Christmas with your loved ones, and a restful break over the summer.

Joanna De Bono - Deputy Principal Learning & Staff