Unit 1 Geography - Fieldwork on Black Saturday Bushfires

Our Unit 1 Geography students ventured out on our first fieldwork trip of the year. As part of our Hazards and Disasters unit, we visited the Kinglake and Toolangi area to investigate forests that have been affected by bushfires. Our fieldwork allows us to collect valuable data to help us in our investigation on the effects of an all too common hazard event in Australia - bushfires.

We began our work in Toolangi State Forest, where we collected data in a messmate forest where the last bushfire raged through in the 1930s. We were able to see how a forest is able to recover from bushfires and then make an assessment of the risk of future fires.

We compared this data to a second site in the Kinglake National Park, the site of the devastating Black Saturday Bushfires in 2009 that claimed 173 lives. Although the event took place over 10 years ago, we were able to see the destruction of these fires and the differences in recovery for both forest areas.

Before the day ended, we also visited the Black Saturday Memorial in Kinglake that overlooks the beautiful region with Melbourne CBD in the background. A beautiful memorial for the victims of Australia’s deadliest bushfire, we spent some time in reflection paying our respects to those lost.

We collected data from both sites that will allow us to now write a geographic report investigating a hypothesis we have made about the effects of bushfires in Australia.

Grandfriends Morning Tea

On Friday 30 April, the Year 7 students invited their grandfriends, and older role models in their life, to school. We shared a morning tea together, and took them on a tour around the school. We ate some scones, listened to music, and participated in prayer together. Throughout the morning, there was a very lively and joyful atmosphere. It was a great opportunity to show some of our families what life is like at MSJ. I was excited to have my Nonna and Mum at school with me and to show them some of my favourite places throughout the school, such as the art rooms, and the wellbeing garden. Overall, it was a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the older people in our lives, and to show them how much we appreciate and love them.

Arden Roche, Year 7

Year 7 Camp Review

Year 7 Camp was a great experience filled with wet and dry activities. On the first day, we were designated our rooms/tents and got our activity groups. All the activity groups started at a different activity. Some of the activities people enjoyed the most were the flying fox, kayaking, stand up paddle boarding and the campfire making. The food at the camp was delicious. Overall, camp was a positive experience for me and I hope other people who came had a great time too.

Sophie Harvey

Camp was a blast, the facilities, the delicious food, the beautiful scenery, and the fun and unique challenges that each house participated in. This year at camp, we competed in an “amazing race” where each house (team) was given a list of collaborative and team building activities to complete. The more tasks that each house accomplished, the more points they received. In the end, Providence house came first, finishing with the most points. We spent one night in a cabin and the other night in a tent, surrounded by wildlife whilst listening to the peaceful chirping sound of the birds as we fell asleep. The next morning, we had a delicious breakfast of pancakes and other yummy foods in an outdoor buffet. Some of the activities we competed in included archery, kayaking, scavenger hunting, rafting, a jetty jump, creating a camp fire, the flying fox, geo-caching, kick bikes, etc. It was all about challenging ourselves, having a go, getting out of our comfort zones, meeting new people and just simply having lots of fun. Congratulations to Providence for winning!

Ella Beecroft

Year 9 Camp - Camp Wyuna, Queenscliff

Through the eyes of our class captains...


Camp Wyuna in Queenscliff was very fun, but also very tiring. There were many fun activities that we completed through the harsh and wet weather conditions including surfing, swimming, bike riding, pizza making, canoeing, and going to the Marine and Freshwater Discovery Centre. The water activities were a highlight for many students while at camp. We made many awesome memories while surfing in the pouring rain, jumping in the rock pools or capsizing when canoeing. Looking at the sunrises and sunsets at the beach or at the lookout was amazing, although we couldn’t see the sun through the grey clouds.

Olivia Buttigieg & Ivana Kasun


Camp Wyuna was the location for our year 9 camp, and quite possibly the best one yet. The camp gave beautiful, scenic views of the beach any time of the day. Camp Wyuna was a great experience that held many activities for everyone to engage and participate in. We were able to participate in many activities such as surfing, pizza making, biking, canoeing. As well as activities, there were a wide variety of things you could do in your downtime. You could go up with your friends to the lookout and enjoy a shared sunset, head down to the volleyball court and play basketball, volleyball or gaga. You could spend your time in your cabin, or sit outside and talk. There was also a lot of accommodation and the rooms were also really clean and had lots of storage places for us to keep our luggage. Activities mainly took place outside of the camp grounds--except pizza making--and consisted of exploring the Marine and Freshwater Discovery Centre--where

you could see and feel all sorts of sea creatures--bike riding up to Point Lonsdale Lighthouse and learning about their fascinating local history, and surfing and swimming down at the beach. Overall, Camp Wyuna was the fun, refreshing (and somewhat exhausting) break we all needed.

Etienne Green & Sukhneet Kaur


Camp Wyuna was the ultimate location for the Year 9 camp! The surrounding beach scenery was picturesque, especially the dazzling sunsets! Even though the weather was not ideal, the Year 9s still were able to thoroughly enjoy the activities. From surfing - which was a new skill for most of us - to visiting the Marine and Freshwater Discovery Centre - where we discovered millions of dead plankton on our hands (eww!) - the Year 9s had a fun-filled adventure! We made delicious, mouth-watering woodfired pizzas and were very lucky that very few fell on the floor! The Year 9s also participated in a scenic bike ride to Point Lonsdale Lighthouse, where we were intrigued to learn about the many ships entering and exiting the area, assisted by pilot boats. Most of us were alarmed to come across small gummy sharks while canoeing! The Year 9s were treated with a competitive trivia game, following a liturgy and a campfire, where we toasted marshmallows. During this adventure, the Year 9s were able to develop new and existing friendships as well as enjoy the peaceful surrounding nature.

Amy Tu & Bridget Corluka


Year 9 Camp 2021, located in Camp Wyuna in Queenscliff, was filled with fun and challenges. We battled through rain to complete activities such as surfing, swimming, pizza making, canoeing, bike riding and attending the Marine and Freshwater Discovery Centre. Surfing was definitely the highlight for most people (especially for the second camp's squids group who got the biggest swell), and most people were able to catch a few waves - some even being able to stand up! The last night was spent lying on the beach and looking at all the stars and constellations that we don’t get to see from the city. This camp was one of the best camps yet!

Alanah Rose & Hayley Tanti


We got to go to Camp Wyuna in Queenscliff for our Year 9 camp. All the water activities made it really fun. We did surfing and swimming at the beach which was so good with the waves. We also got to go canoeing and some people fell into the water with little banjo sharks. Even though the weather wasn’t the best, it was still very enjoyable. We got to do bike riding, pizza making and we went to the Marine and Freshwater Discovery Centre. We even got to watch the footy while we were there and had a fun campfire, roasting marshmallows. The night-walk along the beach was also a fun activity the teachers took us on. This camp was really fun for us!

Emilia King & Pooja Kamath