The year that was

This year has been full of ups and downs but it has emphasised to our community, the importance of health, family, and seizing the day to make the most of the small things in life.

Despite lockdowns, the MSJ community became resourceful and resilient to make the most of 2021 and all the good things it had to offer.

Please enjoy the following 2 videos.

This first video was created and mostly photographed by our wonderful AV technician, Tina Pignatelli. Please enjoy 2021 The Year That Was.

The second performance video was created by MSJ voices and music staff, Tony Burcul, Cathy Hills and Emilie Washington.

Year 12 Celebration Day

On November 18th, the 2021 Year 12 cohort were welcomed back to school for their celebration day. The WAAMS team organised a day full of activities in celebration of the students finishing their final year of schooling.

Opening the day, the students arrived in style showing off their creativity by altering their school uniforms. They later paraded around the school showing off their costumes, chanting through the hallways for the last time as MSJ students.

They then reminesced on their time at MSJ with some reflections by Principal Kate Dishon and Cameron House Leader Terri Curnow. Continuing their trip down memory lane, the students received time capsules that they completed during Year 7 in 2016. With a video of pictures of the students throughout the years and some trivia based on their school years, the students reflected on the good times they had at the College for the past 6 years.

Finishing off the year, the Annual House Cup was awarded to McCormack winning with a staggering 644 points! The MSJ community would like to congratulate McCormack house for all their efforts this year and to the Senior McCormack House Leaders Danielle Deltiglio and Elyssia Hyde, as well as the Junior McCormack House Leaders Heaven Habib and Emma Milat.

To finish off the day, the class of 2021 danced and sang celebrating together, and then gathered in the Finucane gardens. Met by their house leaders, the students were given cups of coloured chalk and finished their celebrations covered in chalk and singing the college song.

We wish the class of 2021 all the best for their future endeavours.

VCE results, ATAR and change of preference

For more information, see Getting your results. You can also find an overview on ATAR and scaling, including the VTAC ATAR and scaling guide 2021. (PDF)

Change of Preference

Opens 16 December and closes on 20 December. Please see attached handouts on alternative pathways and Change of Preferences tertiary contacts.

Alternative Pathways

Change of preference

Year 12 Retreat

This year, the current Year 11 students could not experience the Year 12 Retreat as an opportunity to get away. Rather, the experience was a two day conference in the grounds of St. Mary’s College at Melbourne University. This is always an important and memorable experience for the students, and is part of their induction into Year 12.

The theme of the Retreat was "Leading with Courage” and the students participated in a range of activities that challenged them to reflect on how they could dare to be courageous in their final year at MSJ. The Retreat was a great opportunity to disconnect from their busy lives and reconnect with each other, and equally with themselves. The conference had a range of workshops and activities which included a scavenger hunt, and working in their House as a team to share and retell the history of their House.

We were also privileged to have three former students, representing their VCE and VCAL journeys at MSJ to offer advice to the students on how they can approach their Year 12 journey. As a Retreat, we also spent time in reflection and finished our time together in prayer, participating in a Liturgy followed by a shared lunch to finish the year.

We thank all the staff and students for their participation and for making the Retreat an enjoyable one.

Tuition Fees

A reminder that all fees for 2021 were required to be finalised by September, unless alternative arrangements have been made with the Business Manager.

It would be appreciated if any outstanding balances could be settled immediately.

The MSJ College Board has endorsed the 2022 Fee Schedule which can now be viewed on the College website.


Please note:

  • Families who have completed an ongoing deduction form will continue to have payments deducted under that authority unless we are notified of a change.
  • Families who applied and were eligible for CSEF in 2021 need not complete a new form for 2022 (unless you have another daughter commencing in 2022).
  • Families commencing at MSJ in 2022 who hold a Health Care Card are urged to lodge an application with the College as soon as possible, as it provides significant reductions in fees.


  • An invoice for 2022 fees will be issued to all families late January 2022.

Please contact us on or 8398 2000 if you have any queries.

Daniel O’Malley - Business Manager

The Immortal Swan

On the weekend of the 19 of November, I was fortunate to attend a prestigious ballet competition in Ballarat named Royal South Street. It is the oldest running dance competition in Victoria and has been held for the past 130 years, after being held for the first time in 1891.

I participated in the Intermediate Classical Championship Solo section on the Friday afternoon along with 24 other talented dancers and was very lucky and humbled to have placed first and received The Immortal Swan perpetual shield. This shield is to pay homage to Russian-born and trained Anna Pavlova, who for eternity to lovers of classical ballet, will be “The Immortal Swan”.

I am currently training at Expressions Ballet Academy in Geelong and I’m also an ITP Ballet student at the Australian Ballet School.

I would really love to thank MSJ for being very supportive, understanding and for all their assistance throughout the whole year in helping me with my education and ballet commitments.

Caitlin Martin Year 7


On the 11 November, the Year 9 Duke of Edinburgh class took a short excursion to Jawbone Reserve as part of our Adventurous Journey component of the award. Due to the covid lockdown, we were unable to go on any camps which meant that we had to do an adjusted program that involved completing the 10km walk along the coast of Williamstown.

As part of this, we were required to complete observations and record skills, reflecting on the local flora and fauna that we can hear and see in the area. We also talked about the impact of our journey on the environment at the Marine park and what we could do to ensure that we would leave no trace. We also chose to walk a little further in order to go visit Sue Sofarnos' memorial seat, which we stopped to take a couple photos at. It was a really fun activity and the weather was very nice making it an enjoyable activity for everyone.

Kayla Britnell and Jas Americo Year 9