Family Accounts

A reminder that all fees for 2022 were required to be finalised by September unless alternative arrangements had been made with the Business Manager.

It would be appreciated if any outstanding balances could be settled immediately.

2023 Fees Survey (Mandatory)

An email has been sent to all families regarding 2023 school fees & your preferred payment method (fortnightly, monthly, term, direct debit, credit card, etc).

Please note: All families will be required to complete the survey by 25 November 2022.

Daniel O’Malley - Business Manager


The Supportive Friends Team, which was made up of 20 Year 11 students and 2 Year 12 students worked together with the aim of spreading positivity and kindness across the school community and reaching out to all students at MSJ. The team met once a fortnight and planned many lunchtime and pastoral activities throughout the year to reach this goal with the amazing support of Ms Simcic.

The Supportive Friends have accomplished so much this year to benefit this school and we have welcomed all new students to MSJ. We encouraged everyone to get involved in the activities planned throughout the year.

Our team has supported new students at the College, as well as promoted the importance of the National Day of Action Against Bullying and Violence by wearing orange ribbons, sharing lunch with friends and inviting others, games and rock painting. We also had the ongoing edits to the "Kindness Wall" in front of the cafe and spread support around the school during R U OK Day which included wearing yellow ribbons and asking 'R U OK?', decorating donuts, MSJ bands in the MMC, tote bag making, sharing lunch and old school games. The Social Suite was another one of our initiatives which ran activities each Friday at lunchtime including movies, shrink art, friendship bracelets, clay creations, felt keyrings with the purpose of encouraging students to make new friends, connect with others, have a chill out space, share lunch, laughs and chats. We supported the Year 7 students by organising and running a Pastoral session on stress and anxiety with personal stories and experiences, activities and ways to identify and cope with stress and anxiety.

We hope that next year's supportive friends have the same wonderful experience as we did.

From the 2022 Supportive Friends Team

A Night at the Ballet

On 10 October, 20 lucky students went to the Art Centre to watch Romeo and Juliet presented by the Australian Ballet Company. The students were delighted with a feast for the senses. The dancing was graceful and sublime! The immortal music by Sergei Prokofiev is some of the grandest music ever written. The sets were magnificent, and the costumes elaborate. This performance will no doubt linger on in the memories of all those that attended. Do not worry if you missed out on attending this time, we will be doing it all again next year with Swan Lake.

A Night with the MSO

On 4 November, we were at Hamer Hall with 20 more students experiencing the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra. For most students it was their first time seeing a live orchestra. The program mainly featured iconic works by Beethoven; his 5th Piano Concerto and possibly the most recognised “da da da duumm!” in history, his 5th Symphony. There was also an Australian premier of a piano concerto by Australian composer, Brett Dean. The new chief conductor of the MSO, Jaime Martin was in full flight and his passion and physicality was just as engrossing as the music itself. The students were speechless with the virtuosity of pianist, Jonathan Biss who left the audience in rapture. It was wonderful to see some students give a standing ovation which is the highest accolade in the classical world. It was delightful to see the students rejoicing in classical music and it was a pleasure accompanying students to both performances. I would like to thank Kat Anastasi and Rosalie Steward for accompanying the group on these nights.

Nick Tresize - Performing Arts Teacher

Christmas Appeal 2022

As we move into Christmas, the MSJ community is collecting items on behalf of the St. Vincent de Paul society for those less fortunate than us.

Each year level has been asked to consider donating a variety of items to assist local families doing it tough. Please note that the families receiving assistance do not necessarily celebrate Christmas and may not have a need for specifically Christmas related items e.g mince tarts and plum puddings.

Year 7: Gifts for children aged 12 and under (e.g stickers, craft kits, stuffed toys)

Year 8: Gifts for teenagers aged 13-19 (e.g puzzles, sports equipment)

Year 9: Non-perishable pantry items (e.g nuts, tinned vegetables, chocolates)

Years 10-12: Gift cards (e.g Cotton On, Coles Group)

Donations of items can be made to the silver baskets located around the school, and gift cards can be donated to the Front Office.

If students and families prefer, they are able to bring cash to Mr. Robinson in P6 during Morning Pastoral, and he will purchase gifts on your behalf for donation.

If you have any questions these can be emailed to Darcy Robinson via

2023 Student Leadership Team Training

Our 2023 Student Leadership Team had the opportunity to embark on some intensive training in preparation to take on their new roles next year.

The new team gathered together and met with the current College Captains seeking advice on their venture as student leaders in the new year. The very eager students had in depth conversations with their former College Captains Amelia Vivera and Lauren Vander seeking guidance and clarification.

Throughout the day they executed a range of activities and goal tasks, however the most integral was their ability to bond in their house and portfolio teams. The team walked from the college up the road to Climb West to do some bouldering. Not only was this a physical challenge, but it allowed the leaders to actively communicate and problem solve in their groups. This was followed by some very difficult navigation tasks set by Ms Bettiol and Mr Dicker, as the students embarked on solving a range of challenges at the AH Ford Reserve.

After a successful day with the whole team, this was followed by a training day for the new WAAMSS team for 2023. The students had a handover with their predecessors and sought guidance and advice as they plan to work hard in the new year improving their portfolios at the college. The team had open discussions regarding setting goals as a team, overseeing college events and overtaking past initiatives.

We wish the 2023 Student Leadership Team all the best as they embark on their new roles and look forward to all they have to offer.

Position Available - St Joseph's By the Sea

A position with the Sisters of Saint Joseph of the Sacred Heart is available at St Joseph’s by the Sea, Williamstown, for a part time office administrator. Attached is the information for a person to apply for this position.


In appreciation for your support.

Sr. Carmel

(For the Team at SJBTSW)