Kate Lavers

College Captain

My name is Kate Lavers and I am one of your College Captains for 2023. I am so honoured to be a part of the Mount St. Joseph Girls' College legacy and I am excited for the opportunity to make the most of this exciting year ahead! My time here at MSJ has been both a challenging but rewarding experience, and for that reason I was inspired to apply for school captain, as I love to strive for the benefit of the school community, ensuring that every student, no matter if they are amongst the Junior or Senior cohort, feel that they play a part in the shaping of the MSJ community that they want to belong to. I hope to make their time here the same positive experience, where one can embrace all new opportunities available.

Zara Curtis

College Captain

MSJ has always been a community that is inviting and welcoming to all. Since Year 7, I have wanted to make a positive impact and contribute to this community. As one of the College Captains alongside Kate, I am able to make this a reality while representing the student body in 2023. Throughout this year, I would like to strive towards uniting the student body as well as creating opportunities for everyone, that will hopefully be remembered for years to come. I am super excited to get the opportunity to work with the rest of the senior and junior leadership teams throughout 20203, all who show incredible hard work and determination.

Bella Fiumara

Ministry Leader

My name is Bella and I am the 2023 Ministry Leader. I am thrilled to have this opportunity to positively impact faith at MSJ. Helping others grow into better versions of themselves is something that I take honour in doing. Whether it be focused on school work, religion, spirituality or their own personal interests, I am enthusiastic to work with the MSJ community and make their aspirations a reality! I have been involved with the Catholic ministry my whole life. Growing up in a Catholic family and primary school, I am eager to share what I have learnt. This year, I want to put a special emphasis on sharing God's message of environmental stewardship, reconciliation, and love of one another despite our differences.

Bridget Munro

Wellbeing Captain

As a passionate athlete and advocate for women in sport, I am thrilled to be a 2023 school leader at MSJ for the sport and wellbeing portfolio. We have already had a fantastic start to the year with our annual swimming day and athletics carnival, and I have thoroughly enjoyed working with our enthusiastic team of Year 9 and Year 12 leaders. I look forward to continuing to work with the incredible wellbeing team for the rest of this year and hope to drive even more participation in co-curricular activities, empowering our community and establishing our sense of school spirit. We are MSJ!

Delaney Calder

Social Justice Leader

I have always been interested in social issues ranging from poverty, racism, gender equality, to climate change and sustainability. And in my nearly 6 years at MSJ, this passion for raising awareness and combating these injustices faced in our world today, through education and charity work has only grown. Seeing my fellow peers and older students' advocacy for social change since Year 7 has now inspired me to become Social Justice Leader of 2023. I am excited for this opportunity and look forward to making a positive contribution to the Social Justice Portfolio.

Kesara Brocas-Reti

Arts Captain

For as long as I can remember, I have always been very passionate about the arts, especially here at MSJ. I have taken part in musicals, variety night performances and tried my best to engage in visual arts activities as well. I am so excited to be able to promote and advocate for the arts at MSJ and to work alongside the WAAMSS team in 2023. I love helping both students and teachers in any and every way that I can, and I hope that I can have a positive impact on this school and our community.

Jade Neary

Sustainability Leader

I have been increasingly fascinated by the principles of sustainability and eco-friendliness. By embracing a more environmentally conscious way of living, I have come to appreciate how even the smallest changes can make a big difference in the health of our planet. As the newly appointed 2023 Sustainability Leader at MSJ, I am eager to impart my knowledge and passion for sustainable living to others. Through my role, I hope to raise awareness about the importance of eco-friendly practices and encourage others to adopt similar habits. Whether it's through sharing my favourite plant-based recipes, recommending environmentally friendly products, or leading eco-friendly initiatives at MSJ, I am excited to make a positive impact within our community

Prisha Anand

Academic/Applied Learning Leader

Our college life is built on many things, prominently academic endeavours, I have been inclined towards the academic aspect throughout my high school journey. To be able to assist other students in their learning and include an element of positivity to everyone’s academic endeavours, I am honoured to take upon the role of Academic/Applied Learning Leader for 2023! Being particularly passionate about this role, I want to organise activities and events as well as different outlets to make everyone’s academic journey as enjoyable, engaging and effortless as possible.