College Captains

With the appointment of class captains in each pastoral class, Amy and I have been busy working with them on many new activities and plans. We have been running meetings where we give the students a voice and let them tell us what they think needs to be changed or improved in our school. With the College’s feast day coming up, the class captains have been busy thinking of stalls for their pastoral classes to take part in to raise money. Year 7 class captain interviews will also be held this week and we wish them all the best in getting the role. We would like to congratulate all the newly appointed class captains and wish them all the best working alongside us for the rest of the year.

Mia Paladino - College Captain


The start of Term 2 for the Wellbeing portfolio has been filled with excitement!

On Monday 29 April, the Wellbeing team held a Just Dance at lunch to celebrate International Day of Dance as well as promoting physical activity in support of Active April. It was great to see the students showing their dance moves whilst still having fun with their friends.

The Wellbeing portfolio also held a House Vs. House Dodgeball competition to see which house was the Dodgeball champion. Many students got involved and demonstrated their true House spirit; it was certainly competitive! Congratulations to Cameron House for being the champions!

Emma Walton - Wellbeing Captain


This term, we saw the introduction of an exciting new activity within the Academic portfolio. As the Years 7 and 12 students were practising for their MMADD Day performances, the rest of the school was busy competing in the ‘Academic Olympics’. The activity which involved maths and word games, as well as requiring some amateur engineering skills to build a pipe-cleaner tower, received great feedback and the students seemed to really enjoy getting involved. A huge congratulations to the Academic Olympic Champions, 8C, who achieved an amazing 337 points!

'Aced It! Tutoring' has been going strong, with an incredible 64 sign-ups since its inception. It has been so rewarding to be able to help out and to build a connection between the senior and junior students. We hope to see many more students taking advantage of the program!

Madison Hansen - Academic Captain


This term has been focused on the planning of MMADD Day, coming up on 24 May. A MMADD Day tradition is the Years 7 and 12 performances, showcased at the end of the day. Both year levels have been collaborating in their Houses to create a performance based on the theme, "Movie Musicals'. The arts and academics leaders have been working tirelessly to create the best performance they can, to ultimately win the MMADD Day cup. With rehearsals every week, and constant planning to ensure the day is the best it can be, this term has been extremely busy.

The arts portfolio have also been discussing some additional events that can be run towards the end of this term and next term. These include some visual arts and textiles competitions/shows that, once further discussed, should be a really exciting and new event for those interested in the visual arts.

Emily Frydas - Arts Captain


The Ministry portfolio had a busy term and we kicked off by working with McCormack House to fundraise for Caritas. Caritas is a confederation of 165 Catholic relief, development and social service organisations operating in over 200 countries and territories worldwide. Collectively and individually, their mission is to work to build a better world, especially for the poor and oppressed. This past term, we had Shrove Tuesday pancakes, Hot Cross buns, many easter raffles, guess how many lollies in the jar and raffle for movie tickets. We would like to thank all who donated to Caritas this year.

We look forward to working with Solomon House on their Interfaith dialogue this term, as well as organising more fun activities for all to get involved in.

Emily Thiel - Ministry Captain


As part of McCormack’s ministry association with Caritas, the House leaders organised a ‘Dunk the House Captains and Teachers’ fundraising event. This entailed the students and staff contributing money to Caritas for their House group. The House that raised the most money was able to be dunked last and the House with the least would be dunked first. ‘Dunk the House Captains and Teachers for Caritas’ was the first of its kind at MSJ and was a massive success. In just a couple of weeks, over $250 was raised, which was then donated to those in need. Thank you to Ms Sexton, Ms Tagell, Mr Lavery and Ms Bourke for their assistance with organising this day. We also have to thank the House captains and staff that participated in the dunking, for allowing us McCormack leaders, to run such a fun and engaging activity for Caritas in 2019.

Niya Nettar and Clare Cauchi - McCormack House leaders