It was a privilege to attend the Year 11 Outdoor Education and Duke of Edinburgh Camp as it enabled me to see the students take on new challenges and push themselves outside their comfort zones. These programs provide amazing opportunities for students to grow and experience life differently as they work collaboratively to achieve some group goals.

Uniform Requirements Term 2

All students are reminded that the blazer must be worn in Terms 2 and 3. Students and parents are reminded of the expectations around the wearing of the uniform as we still are seeing students failing to adjust dress lengths as required.

Happy Families Membership

Our school is now subscribed to the Happy Families School Membership! Owned and run by Dr Justin Coulson, one of Australia’s leading parenting experts, the membership offers a wealth of parenting education and resources.

We will regularly share resources available through our membership with you, including Insight Articles and Webinars. You can also access your resources at any time using the URL (unique to our school) and password that has been sent to you in an email.

We recommend bookmarking the link. You should only need to put the password in once and the site will remember you.

Insight Articles

A new Insights article is released weekly during the term and we will include these with the school newsletter. Insights articles are written by Dr Justin Coulson and other leading experts and provide parenting education and support for a wide variety of traditional and contemporary parenting challenges. You can also access 300+ previous Insights articles on our school’s URL.

Parent Webinars

You have access to four live webinars a year (one per term). We will announce upcoming webinar details in the Insights articles. You’ll have access to the recording via our school’s URL but as the webinars are live, we recommend you watch them in real time so that you can ask Dr Justin and/or the guest presenter any questions you may have.


Online event for Australian Schools

LIVE on 14 May | 7pm AEST

“How can I help my child be more resilient?” is a question Dr Justin Coulson often hears from worried mums and dads.

Child Safety

Our Child Safety Committee is committed to working closely with our school community to ensure we provide targeted information that meets the needs of our College. We are interested in receiving your feedback to assist us in providing services and information in various areas of child safety. Please complete THIS FORM HERE if you are interested in providing feedback.

Stacey Bourke - Deputy Principal, Student Wellbeing