Today l write my last newsletter article for Synergy and I thought I would share the speech l shared with our community at our College Mass on Tuesday.

In life, we need to create bookends – beginnings and endings and to celebrate and enjoy all that comes in the middle. I feel quite nostalgic today being the Feast of the Sacred Heart, as many of you may know, l was taught by the Sisters of St. Joseph of the Sacred Heart in St. Albans. More than ever, we need to remind ourselves of Christs’ heart – one of compassion, justice and love. The Sisters taught me to live with an open heart, not to judge and to embrace all that life presents itself with and to be joy-filled with what you had, little or large. Importantly, the Sisters taught me to surround myself with people who loved unconditionally, accepted you for who you were and to live with honesty and integrity. Make sure you have friends and family who are willing to tell you when you're great and also not so great! You need people to help you recognise when you need to be told to pull your head in.

Today l want you to take away three messages.

Be Brave: Accept your challenges, know your flaws and work with what you have. Do not let any obstacles stand in your way. I know when l need the support of my family and friends. I know myself well enough that when l cannot solve a problem or dilemma I consult, l talk and l talk – l go to people who may not give me the answers l want to hear. In my heart, l know l have the answers and a quiet pray and stillness helps me with a decision.

Be Strong: Know and trust yourself. You know when something does not feel right, trust your instinct and trust the whisperings of your God. I sometimes try to stand outside myself to see how my behaviour is being perceived by others – Am l proud of how l am treating myself and others?

Be the best version of yourself each and every day. When l start my day at home and come to work, l wonder have l made someone feel better and stronger about themselves? Do l need to apologise or repair a relationship?

Today l celebrate the gift that l have been given. It is MSJ, the students, families, the staff, Ms Bourke, Ms Dishon and Mrs De Bono. Each day, l have the privilege to laugh, to hear your stories and to be a part of your magnificent life. I have been blessed by your wisdom, your tenacity and your joy for life and one another.

I remember my first day here in 2014, we were celebrating 50 years as a school, and l was struck by the pride, infectious laughter and happiness to be together. I was struck by the singing of the School Song and the passion for We Stand Tall.

Today l know that you are our future, strong young people who have a strong sense of purpose, always looking out for each other. You have an amazing future in whichever pathway you choose, whether work, TAFE or university. You will carry with you the love of your God and walk gently in the footsteps of Mary MacKillop.

I thank Ms Dishon, the Sisters of St Joseph of the Sacred Heart, the College Board, members of the Stewardship Team, our staff but most importantly, each and everyone of you here today and the many other students before you. I have felt privileged and humbled by your generous Spirit, welcoming heart and passion for life. I have learnt more from each one of you. I thank you for trusting me and allowing me to be the quirky, loud and fun-filled individual.

Walk humbly with your God, your loved ones and you will ultimately be happy – you will make mistakes, sometimes stumble and even fall. Stand Tall, Stand Proud because you are MSJ and you are a gift to your family, friends and community.

With every Blessing,

Steven Mifsud

New Child Safe Standards

New Child Safe Standards to strengthen child safety will commence in Victoria on 1 July 2022.

The Child Safe Standards (the Standards) commenced in Victoria in January 2016. After five years, we have seen how the Standards improve safety for children and young people.

Changes are being made to make our Standards even stronger.

The new Standards set out minimum requirements and outline the actions organisations must take to keep children and young people safe. They provide more clarity for organisations and are more consistent with Standards in the rest of Australia.

Read the full document HERE

Living Arrangements/Court Orders/Family Orders

To best support your daughter, the College needs to know of changes to addresses, living arrangements, telephone numbers and medical information. Could you please update family details on PAM.