It has been a busy term with many activities being done that we have had to manage differently over the last few years. We hope the students enjoy the break with the family and come back rejuvenated, ready for a busy Term 4. We have managed three terms at school as we have navigated ongoing illnesses and covid. It was great to have so many families attend our Male Mentor Breakfast. We were led by our panel guests: Dave Appels and Steven Unsworth. They both provided insight as they showed great emotion, passion and humour as they navigate that challenging space as parents.

Student Leadership

It is important that we acknowledge the great work of the outgoing student leaders. They have provided many great experiences and opportunities for our community to celebrate together. We are indebted to you for passion, energy and your direction as you led the school.

The incoming student leaders have been working together in preparation for taking over as the new student leadership group. Ms Georgia Bettiol and Mr Tom Dicker provided the students with a chance to work in teams as they navigated climbing walls and activities. The WAAMSS team then worked together to strategically plan for the year ahead.

Child Safe Standards and Committee

It is imperative that, as a community, we are in touch with the expectation around child safe standards. As you can see, child safe standards 2 and 3 require student voice and reflect our organisation structure.

Child Safe Standard 2 – Child safety and wellbeing is embedded in organisational leadership, governance and culture.

Child Safe Standard 3 – Children and young people are empowered about their rights, participate in decisions affecting them and are taken seriously.

We are after a couple of parents that may be willing to join us on a couple of committees. The first one being a child safe committee where we can provide some guidance. The second committee is working with a small Respectful Relationships Core group. Significant work has been done in this space and it is exciting looking at some possible future directions. Should either of these committees be something that interests you, please let me know.


The challenges of having a uniform being worn with pride requires the whole community to work together. We make no apologies for stepping up and asking for improvements around the wearing of the school uniform. Many of you will know that we have implemented reflection sessions for students that are continuing to breach uniform expectations. Thanks to parents that have supported this process. I ask that all families have conversations around expectations. Next term, the blazer does not have to be worn but the jumper cannot be the outer garment.


Thank you to the parents, students and staff that have completed the MACSSIS survey, as the data collected helps drive the future directions of the College.

Subject Conferences

Thanks to all families that engaged either on Zoom or attended in person for the Year 7-10 subject-based interviews. It is always great to meet with students and families and look at setting goals and reflect on current practices.

Extended Holidays

If you are taking your child away from school for 3 or more days, we ask that you contact the House/Year Level Team Leader so they can follow up.

Stacey Bourke - Deputy Principal, Student Wellbeing