End of the Year Celebrations

Thanks to all the students and staff that enabled the last school day to be a great success. The students were able to engage in activities that they selected including christmas activities, liturgy and assemblies. The Awards Night was also a great celebration of achievement across multiple areas of College life.


Next year we will be running a 5 period day. Therefore we have adjusted the times and they will be as follows:


8.30 - 8.35am

Music - Lockers & movement to pastoral


8.35 – 8.50am



8.50 – 9.50am

Period 1


9.50 – 9.55am



9.55 – 10.55am

Period 2


10.55– 11.15am



11.15 – 11.20am

Clean up & move to period 3


11.20 – 12.20pm

Period 3


12.20 – 12.25pm



12.25 – 1.25pm

Period 4


1.25 – 1.45pm

1st Lunch


1.45 – 2.05pm

2nd Lunch


2.05– 2.10pm

Clean up & move to period 5


2.10 – 3.10pm

Period 5




Learning Mentor Sessions

In 2023 all students across the school will be required to attend Learning Mentor time everyday except Wednesdays.

On Wednesdays, all students will be required to be in class for the beginning of Period 1. They will still be allowed onsite from 7:55 am

Start Dates

Years 7 & 12 will commence Tuesday 31st January 2023

All students in Years 7-12 will be required at school on Wednesday 1st February.

A copy of the program will be available early next year outlining the first days of school for all students.

Christmas Celebrations

In the words of Mary Mackillop:

Wherever this may find you, I with all my heart, wish you a very happy Christmas and a bright and happy New Year… Though many of us will be far apart, we can be united in spirit, and pray for each other at the Crib, and at the Altar. Rest assured I shall not forget any of you – and you will not forget me either, will you?

Your ever-loving Mother Sr Mary of the Cross.

St Mary MacKillop, 7 December 1899

It is great to see Christmas as an opportunity to spend time together with the family.

  • What are your plans for Christmas and this festive season?
    Christmas can also be a time of sadness for some families.

  • Is there a family member or a friend who is needing your care this Christmas?

  • Are you going to have some time for you and the family? What will the priorities be?

May you all enjoy the Peace of Christmas and the break and I look forward to seeing all the students refreshed ready to tackle the 2023 school year.

Stacey Bourke - Deputy Principal Student Wellbeing