60th Anniversary Theme for 2024

As you may be aware, MSJ is turning 60 next year! We are well underway in our preparations to make this a special year of celebration for everyone.

We are keen to have your input and would like to extend the invitation for you to VOTE on the theme for next year.

Click on the LINK to make your selection. Please rate the options in order of your first choice at top, followed by 2nd, 3rd and 4th option, until the last has been selected.

Thank you for helping us make our 60th year one to remember!

Heads Together for Brain Injury

Recently I have been helping with at Heads Together for Brain Injury.

It is called Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) Teacher Series. There were teachers and hospital teams from around Australia who joined the session last week. It was 4 hours of understanding the challenges for students with ABI. There were over 100 people online.

We talked about

  • Understanding an ABI and how it may impact learning at school
  • Understanding cognitive fatigue
  • Supporting cognitive difficulties in the classroom
  • And then we had a panel discussion for a Q&A with me and others as special guests.

I joined their breakout rooms and shared my experience. They asked me questions about how they could better help kids with an ABI. They were really nice and I felt like they understood me.

I have helped at Heads Together for 4 years now and they are really great at supporting me and giving other teachers the opportunity to better understand what it is like to live with an ABI and how everyone can help.

My Neuropsychologist Jennifer Papoutsis from the Monash Health was working with the group of teachers too. She has been volunteering at Heads Together for a long time. She was helped by Katherine Smith from the Monash Children’s Hospital School.

Kate Heine is the founder of Heads Together. She was a Physiotherapist who worked with kids like me to rehabilitate them after a brain injury. She is so good at understanding me and helping me to have confidence to speak about my story. I like to help her so that we are all better at helping kids with ABI.

Audrey Anderson, Year 11

Shrine of Remembrance - A Student Reflection

The Shrine of Remembrance in Melbourne stands as a solemn tribute to those who served and sacrificed during times of war. Visiting the shrine was a profound experience that allowed me to reflect on the importance of honouring and remembering the brave individuals who gave their lives for our country.

The shrine's grand architecture left a lasting impression on me. Its towering columns and intricate design evoke a sense of reverence and respect. As I walked through its corridors and galleries, I encountered exhibits that told the stories of different conflicts and the lives affected by them. The vast Hall of Columns, adorned with names and poppies, made me realise the sheer scale of sacrifice and loss.

One of the most impactful parts of the visit was the Eternal Flame. The flickering flame symbolised the enduring spirit of those who fought and a constant reminder of their courage. It made me think about the families and loved ones left behind, and the importance of remembering their pain and resilience.

The views from the shrine's balcony were breathtaking. Looking out over the city, I couldn't help but feel grateful for the peaceful times we live in today, which were made possible by the sacrifices of the past. The memorial's strategic location atop a hill adds to its significance, reminding us that we must always strive for a higher purpose and unity.

Overall, the Shrine of Remembrance taught me the value of history, empathy, and gratitude. It's essential that we continue to learn about our nation's past and honour those who have fought for our freedoms. The experience of visiting the shrine touched me deeply and encouraged me to carry forward the lessons I learned into my own life.

Male Mentor's Breakfast

All students and their male mentors are invited to attend. Please use this link HERE to RSVP for this event.

Alumnae Reunion

Please use this link HERE to RSVP for this event.

St. Joseph By the sea events

Coming up later this month on Thursday 24 August, we have an evening panel discussion on Exploring Faith in Cultures, led by Josephine Cafagna. The session will be held in the evening at Saint Joseph's by the Sea between 7:30pm-9:30pm. It promises to be a wonderful evening, so please mark it in your diary, we would love to see you there.

Please see attached flyer for more information.

College Tuition Fees

Statements have been emailed to families with amounts owing as of 21 July 2023.

Families that do not have a scheduled payment arrangement, are reminded that:

  • 75% of 2023 fees should be paid by 24 July 2023, and
  • Accounts should be finalised in full by 24 September 2023.

If you already have a payment plan in place, please retain the statement for your records.

Your assistance in ensuring that your account is up-to-date is greatly appreciated.

Daniel O’Malley - Business Manager

Staying Safe on Public Transport

We want you to have a safe and enjoyable journey on public transport, so here are a few reminders to help you stay safe:

  • Be aware of your surroundings. This means paying attention to your fellow passengers, as well as your surroundings. If you see something that doesn't seem right, trust your gut and report it to a member of staff or call Triple Zero (000).

  • Keep your belongings close to you. Don't leave your bag or phone unattended, and be careful when carrying valuables.

  • Travel with a buddy. If you can, travel with a friend or family member. This can help you feel more secure and make it easier to report any problems.


  • Use the STOPIT Textline. If you see or experience unwanted sexual behaviour on public transport, you can text STOPIT to 0499 455 455. This will send an anonymous report to Victoria Police.

We're committed to making public transport a safe and welcoming environment for everyone.

Thanks for riding! HAPPY TRAVELS.

For more information, please visit:


We are aware of the ongoing concerns with the bus services provided by Public Transport Victoria (PTV). Your concerns are being heard by us and we are working with the bus companies to try to mitigate these issues. Unfortunately, most of the complaints are beyond our control, however we can use the voice of the people to begin to bring a change by lodging your complaints directly with PTV.

Please click on the link to an internal Bus Complaints register that contains the details for the PTV complaints line.


By completing this form, it helps us to track the number of complaints received from concerned families, so that we can present these concerns directly to the bus companies.

As we work together, with a common voice, your support will help us make a change.

Thank you.

Anja D’Alessandri - Compliance and Administration Manager


It was a cold day at Parkville when we ventured out for the CGSAV AFL competition. We had three teams this year after the mishap of last year which was a great start. Our teams were competitive all day, trying their best against skilled opponents.

The senior team, largely a group with minimal experience, were eager to try the game and have a go. Winning was just a bonus as they found their way into third place for the day.

Our intermediate team, which was highly skilled and full of talent, fell at the final hurdle after a strong performance all day, going down to the eventual winners in the semifinals.

The juniors, a great mix of brand new and experienced players found that wonderful balance and won their way into the grand final after winning their final round robin match. Taking on the undefeated team was not an issue for our team as we took control of the game early in the first half and powered on to win the championship! Mia Jasualenko was named MVP of the grand final.

Laila Albert, Year 7