The first payment date for fees under all plans is 28 February. If you are yet to commence 2019 payments, it would be appreciated if you bring your account into line. Families are required to settle fees in accordance with a plan listed on the 2019 fees schedule unless an alternative arrangement has been approved by the College.

Copies of the fees schedule and forms can be located on the College website ( under ‘Enrolment Information - Fees’.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if any assistance is required.

$1,225 CSEF reduction for eligible students

$225 received directly from the government will be applied to family accounts (to offset the cost of camps and excursions). As 2019 government grants to the College will be increased for each student who qualifies for the CSEF, a further reduction of $1,000 will be processed.

Families who hold health care (HCC), pensioner concession (PCC) or veterans affairs cards and temporary foster parents are strongly urged to complete the CSEF form (also included on our website) as it provides significant reductions in fees.

Please Note: From 2019 the requirement for parents to complete and submit a new application form each year has been removed. Parents who received CSEF at the College in 2018 do not need to complete an application form in 2019 providing there has been no change in their family circumstances. Families commencing in 2019 will need to complete a new form.

LearningField payment

MSJ uses LearningField digital textbooks for Years 7 to 10. The annual charge is $156 for Year 7 and $184.95 for Years 8 to 10. Families who hadn’t already paid were sent an email yesterday. It is important that payment is made urgently to avoid disruption to learning.

Noel Kennedy

Business Manager