House Swimming Carnival


The first House day of the year was a great success. We had many competitors from each year level, not only participating in swimming but also getting involved in House spirit activities. We would like to congratulate each and every Cameron student who participated in races and for trying their absolute best in the pool, you all did an amazing job and we could not be prouder. It was a solid battle between Providence and Cameron for the majority of the day, and we congratulate Providence on their well-deserved win. A huge thank you to Sue who organised the whole day and all the staff who attended to make it possible. WE ARE SO PROUD! GO CAMERON!

By Jacinda Bonanno - Cameron House Leader


Some very impressive results from the Kincumber students were recorded on our first House day. Although our House is smaller compared to the other six Houses, our number of participants was still just as big - so a massive thank you to all who swam for Kincumber. We could not be prouder of all Kincumber House members who attended, cheered for their friends and created House spirit. Hawi and I would also like to congratulate Sarah Trigger, from 7 Kincumber, who was the swimming Champion for her year level. Thank you to Sue Sofarnos, the teachers and students involved for making the day run smoothly - we could not have done it without you.

By Michala Meilak - Kincumber House Leader


The McCormack leaders are extremely impressed with the results of the first House day of 2019. First of all, a huge congratulations to Providence House for claiming the trophy. And a huge thank you to Sue Sofarnos for all her effort in organising such an amazing carnival. It is hard to believe that as the almost underdogs in the competition, McCormack was able to have a podium finish. Even though the McCormack House is quite small in comparison to Cameron and Providence, we were still able to place third. Congratulations to Caitlin McGraw for her first place finish in the Year 11 division. Thank you McCormack team for participating in the swimming carnival with such enthusiasm and excitement - we cannot wait for you to do it all again for Athletics day.

By Clare Cauchi - McCormack House Leader


Penola had a great run this year at the Swimming Carnival. The Captains and I are so proud of all the students who participated and showed their House spirit on the day. Even though we did come 5th, it was not all about the trophy and the medals, all girls had a smile on their face and enjoyed the day together as a team. I would like to give a massive thank you to Sue Sofarnos, we know how much effort and time goes into organising this day and we truly appreciate your dedication and hard work. GO PENOLA!!

By Ruby Tennant - Penola House Leader


The very first House day of 2019 was a MASSIVE SUCCESS! Through hard work and determination, Providence took out the top spot in this year’s Swimming Carnival. As leaders, we are extremely proud and honoured to accept the trophy on behalf of Providence House. Everyone who was involved should be extremely proud of themselves because we certainly are, whether you competed or helped out in whatever way possible, we thank you. We would also like to thank Sue Sofarnos and all staff for their hard work in organising the Swimming Carnival. Thank you to all the other Houses for their determination and willingness to compete, we wish them the best of luck for other House competitions. A massive congratulations to Providence House, we hope to make this the first BUT not the last win for us and are hoping to continue our winning streak for the remainder of 2019. GO PROVIDENCE!

By Sapphire Kantharides - Providence House Leader


The first House day of the year went off with a bang, with all of the Solomon students who had participated with such great competitive energy. Although we did not take the title, the day was full of great memories with a contagious sense of House spirit. A big congratulations to Sarah Price who took out the Year Level champion, and a massive thank you to Sue Sofarnos and staff for making such a great day possible. We will definitely win Athletics day, Solomon. See you all there.

We are Red House, S-O-L-O-M-O-N!!

By Gemma Srijan - Solomon House Leader