JJAMM 2019

JJAMM (Julian Joseph and Mary MacKillop) is a five day Josephite leadership program that was held in Sydney from 16-20 February and Josephite Secondary Colleges from Australia and New Zealand are invited to attend. Mount St. Joseph Girls' College was represented by the two College Captains, Mia Palladino and Amy Smedley and teacher, Mrs Terri Curnow.

"Amy Smedley and I were fortunate enough to attend the annual JJAMM leadership conference in Sydney. During the 5 day experience, we learnt not only how to become exceptional leaders but also how to embrace the fact that we attend a Josephite school and to teach others about the ways of Mary MacKillop and Father Julian Tenison Woods. Through collaboration with fellow leaders, we have developed a variety of new ideas and events that MSJ can take part in to raise awareness for a collection of different causes. We are so excited to share everything we have learnt with our Student Leadership Team and the wider school community upon returning to school.

As well as learning so many valuable lessons, we also had the opportunity to develop new friendships with like-minded people whom we made so many memories with over the short time we were together. We feel so blessed to have been able to make the journey to Sydney for this enlightening experience. We would like to say a big thank you to the JJAMM organisers as well as our supervising teacher Ms. Curnow for making such an amazing 5 days possible."

By Mia Paladino, College Captain