Belonging days

As per tradition, at the start of the year, our Year 7 students are inducted into the College with their participation in Belonging days. Luckily, the 5-day lockdown occurred just before our trips, therefore all Year 7 students were given the opportunity to attend. The aim of the excursion is to introduce the life story of Mary Mackillop and develop an appreciation of the Josephite Charism. The day consisted of a visit to the Mary Mackillop Heritage Centre along with a guided tour of key Melbourne landmarks in the life and legacy of Mary Mackillop. Thank you to all the Year 7 students whose behaviour was exemplary and the staff at the Heritage centre for their work and passion.

Robert Herrera - Faith & Identity Leader

What I liked most was hanging out with my friends when we walked around the city. I learnt that when Mary McKillop wanted to make a change, she set her heart to seek the change she wanted. I felt great knowing that Mary McKillop cared for the poor because not many people do.

Isabella Jones, 7 Solomon

    I really enjoyed belonging day, I liked that we got to learn more about Mary Mackillop as she is such a big role model at MSJ. I learnt that Mary Mackillop went to New Zealand for medical assistance and ended up having a stroke and being paralysed on half of her body and she still continued to do her good work, this shows her persistence. After the excursion I was tired because we did a lot of walking

    Natasha Calleja, 7 Kincumber 2

      On the day, we learnt about Mary MacKillop and it really showed us what she went through and how she pushed through it. We went through the Mary MacKillop Heritage Centre and read about her childhood and how she started the Sisters of Saint Joseph of the Sacred Heart. The thing I liked the most was the walk around the city since we got to see different locations where Mary had been in her life or where Mary was involved, such as Mary's home and The Australian Catholic University's St Mary of the Cross MacKillop Chapel.

      After the excursion, I felt like we had a deeper and clearer understanding of Mary's difficulties and the battles she had to push through, such as being excommunicated from the church.

      Amalia Brocas- Reti, 7 Kincumber 1

      Project Compassion

      The 2021 Project Compassion campaign for CARITAS concludes this week.

      Our fundraising drive at MSJ has been massively successful, with student leaders running fundraising initiatives such as raffles, trivia competitions, and dance and music sessions in the gym.

      Never one to disappoint, our annual pancake stall raised over $620 in a single day. Once again, the MSJ community has shown its remarkable compassion and empathy through charity and advocacy for our most vulnerable people- we thank all who have donated or engaged with our campaign this year. Stay tuned next term for our final total!

      May we always strive to ‘Be More’.

      Darcy Robinson - Faith and Identity Leader