As the term concludes and we enter the Easter period, it is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate all that we have achieved and all that we hope to gain through our relationships with one another and the Holy Spirit. As people of faith, the Easter story reminds us that we are people of Hope. I encourage families to seek the time to reconnect and rebuild relationships as a family. Families play a pivotal role in developing resilience and strength. In fact families are considered a protective factor for young people to grow as successful and happy people. The holidays are perfect time to take stock and to sit and be still with one another. Holy Week provides the time to listen and just ‘be,’ with our families.

Term One has been a successful term and our students have successfully transitioned into the challenges of a new academic year. I have been so impressed to see our learners take on the adventure of learning, relationships and study from the Swimming Carnival, House Athletics, Outdoor Education Camps and Year 7 & 9 Camps. The rhythm of a new year allows us to form new habits and to start afresh. Our young women continue to embrace the richness of MSJ life. We need to remember that a person can only grow when we work with our challenges and face the day with energy and optimism.

We continue to thank the many students who wear the uniform with pride. The uniform has certainly given our students much choice and options. A reminder that Term 2 the College is blaser is compulsory and must be worn to and from school as the outer garment. I encourage families to check the length of the skirt, trouser or kilt. A reminder that students are permitted to wear two small sleepers or stud. New uniform items can be purchased online and delivered to your home or the College and our Reception Team will deliver to your daughter.

Thank you to the many students who have respected and adhered to the the new mobile phone policy. As a community, we have noticed more chatter and noise at recess and lunch, without the distraction of mobile phones.

MSJ is a school that implements the principles of Restorative Justice, as a framework for dealing with conflict. The restorative approach attempts to work with students, by teaching what is acceptable behaviour and what is not , and by supporting young people when they get it wrong, offering another chance to ‘get it right.’ It accepts that we all make mistakes, but forgiveness, compassion and cooperation can rebuild relationships which have been affected. In a school community, behaviour which transgresses school policies and expectations is an understandable part of maturing for a variety of reasons children and adolescents (and sometimes adults) will test the boundaries and act in ways that a contrary to the stated or implied expectations. This is where begin to implement restorative conversations.

Thanks to the many families who recently attended the Parent Workshops. Thanks to the many staff who presented excellent workshops from Working with Young People, Understanding the ATAR, Understanding Social Media, Supporting Your Daughter in the Senior School and Maths Matters. The presentations can be accessed through PAM – Parent Access Module Knowledge Bank.

With every blessing for Easter,

Steven Mifsud - Deputy Principal Student Wellbeing