Learning News

Congratulations to all students for the effort they have put into their studies in recent weeks. As Term 1 comes to an end, students have been involved in a number of assessments of student learning.

Assessment and reporting are vital processes which provide information about what students know and can do, and to make recommendations for their future learning. Assessment is an integral part of the teaching and learning program at Mount St. Joseph Girls' College.

Student assessment may take a variety of formats depending on the nature of the subject. Subject assessment tasks seek to draw out the students’ knowledge, process capabilities and skills rather than simply focusing on recall of information out of context. Tasks, depending on the subject, may include a test, an extended assignment, oral or media presentation, research task, performance or practical task, or an experimental or investigative task. Students receive feedback through rubrics outlining the criteria assessing the task or unit of work.

Formative assessment is used to monitor learning progress during a learning sequence. It provides continuous feedback to teachers and students, which enables them to monitor progress and identify and address needs in learning.

Summative assessment seeks to establish the level of achievement attained by a student, and typically occurs at the end of a learning sequence, course or unit. The main purpose of summative assessment is to establish levels of achievement for reporting.

Continuous Reporting

The College Learning Management System (CANVAS) provides a progressive and up-to-date picture of your daughter’s academic progress. This includes achievement levels and feedback in assessment tasks.

Parent/Student/Teacher Interviews – Wednesday, 15 May and Thursday, 16 May

The Student Led Conference held in February was an effective way of students taking ownership of their learning and reflecting on their strengths and areas of growth to set goals for the year.

Learning as a ‘Meaning Making’ Process

‘Death of Creativity’ is one of Sir Ken Robinson’s videos and in this he states three things about humans: we are all unique and different, we are all naturally curious and we are all creative.

As Term 1 comes to an end, we understand and appreciate that our students are exactly those things. By creating as many opportunities to think, collaborate, test, try, revise, try again and reflect on the learning process, we are ensuring our girls will progress and develop each and every year.

We endeavour at MSJ to guide our students along their learning journey by ensuring they are actively involved in the construction of understanding. We are working to offer greater student choices in their learning as well as stronger voice in how they demonstrate their understandings.

Another integral aspect of the learning journey is the reflection of process, of progress and of result. It is vital that our students take the time with an assessment and results to not only look at the bottom line but to consider ‘What went well’ and ‘Next time I will…’. Take the time to have these important conversations with your child.

As we prepare for Parent/Teacher/Student Conferences, students will be involved in guided activities to further reflect on their learning by focusing on their subjects – what have they achieved, how have they grown and how can they improve. The interviews provide opportunities for students, parents and teachers to work together to develop strategies to enhance learning.

Help your daughter reflect and discuss their experiences in each of their classes and what is going well for them. They could consider what they need in the coming weeks and months to improve and grow. Have your daughters lead the conversation and own the experience so they take greater meaning from it.

Joanna De Bono - Deputy Principal - Learning and Staff

Careers Expo 2019

Year 9 and 10 students will take part in a Careers Expo on Tuesday 3 September at MSJ.

Each year members of our extended MSJ Community take part in this day. Presenting their careers to small groups of students. We need 20 people to talk about their Careers and the pathways they took to get them there.

The times the 30-minute seminars will run are:
10-30am - 12pm

You may only be available for part of this time and we are grateful for any time you can spare. If you think you can help, please fill in your details on form below.