international Women's day Breakfast

International Women's Day is a special day in the College Calendar. This year on March 9, over 250 women came together to share breakfast and be inspired by our guest speaker, Nikila Cranage. Nikila is from the International Women's Development Agency (IWDA) and she shared inspiring stories of challenging gender inequality and championing women's rights across the globe. Thank you to all the inspirational women who attended with our students.

Prior to the event, our Year 11 VCAL students were heavily involved in organising the event. The VCAL students made all the IWD lapel ribbons, created selfie statement cards for our guests to be photographed with, commandeered Club MSJ with Girl Power songs, made an inspirational video and they organised the student body to form the initials of International Women's Day and photographed it using the drone (no easy task). During the event, the VCAL students collected donations and stayed back afterwards to tidy up. We are very proud of their inventiveness, initiative and the teamwork skills that they developed during this project.


The year 12 Physics excursion to Luna park was a thrilling experience that was filled with extreme experimental trial. Instead of hearing about the forces and gravity in class and applying theory, we were given an amazing opportunity to experience these Physics phenomenons first hand whilst collecting data to complete various activities. Not only could we appreciate the thrill of the rides, but the Physics behind it that made them all possible. This form of hands on learning was extremely helpful to understanding to data in our area of study task; it made us realise that Physics is everywhere and so we are learning to fully appreciate it.

By Gemma Srijan Senior Solomon 2

Holiday Office Hours

The Administration Office will close at 4:00pm on Friday 5 April and re-open on Monday 8 April at 8:00am.

During the Term break, the Administration Office will be open daily from 8:00am to 4:00pm excluding Good Friday and Easter Monday.

Languages Week

From 18 to 22 March, MSJ celebrated Languages Week with daily activities focussing on the diverse languages and cultures represented in our multicultural community.

The morning, recess and lunchtime bell music was a diverse mix of national anthems, old time classics such as Edith Piaf’s ‘Je ne regrette rien’, a moving duet with Ed Sheeran and Andrea Bocelli singing ‘Perfect’ in Italian and English and, of course, some ever popular K-Pop tunes. However, the tune that really got everyone’s feet moving and heading to class dancing was the timeless Zorba the Greek!

On Monday we had a full house in the TWLC for a Cultural Kahoot. Students tested their general knowledge on World Trivia while being treated to a selection of international snacks.

On Tuesday, the students enjoyed a screening of Letters to Juliet, a romantic comedy-drama set in Italy. There are no doubt many itchy feet after seeing the stunning scenery Italy has to offer. Perhaps some students will be inspired to volunteer for the real Juliet’s Club in Verona, the organisation which replies to the thousands of letters written to Juliet each year asking for romantic advice!

Wednesday was “La Journée Internationale de la Francophonie” (French Language Day). It is celebrated around the world on 20 March and provides the 77 member states who make up La Francophonie (French speaking countries) the opportunity to celebrate the diversity of the French language and the cultures of the countries who count French as an official language. At MSJ we celebrated with a French Spelling Bee where teams of students spelled French words in their best French pronunciation. Congratulations to our winners Mahnoor Talpur and Jerusha Salisbury of Year 7 and Natalie Balfoort of Year 9. Special thanks to the VCE French students who managed the teams.

Thursday was Harmony Day, a day of cultural respect which coincides with the United Nations International Day for the elimination of Racial Discrimination. The day was celebrated with special pastoral and recess activities organised by the student leaders.

On Friday, our students would have been forgiven for thinking they were at a summer carnival while playing a Japanese Wanage game. Students tried out their skills at the Japanese version of ‘coits’ while vying for a prize. The game involves students throwing a ring on a mat filled with prizes and catching as many trinkets as they can!

While Languages Week allowed us the opportunity to celebrate the languages offered at MSJ, that is, French, Italian and Japanese, the week as a whole was a celebration of our vibrant and diverse community.

Luisa Ragusa - Languages Domain Leader

Photo competition

Lauren Vander (Yr 9 house leader) organised and ran a photography competition over term 1. These are the 3 winning photos, which were announced on Friday morning.

First Place : Talia Brown

Second Place: Hannah De Maria

Third Place: Evie Tait

Chess club help needed!

Are you a keen Chess player? Do you like helping kids learn? Can you volunteer one lunchtime a week?

We have a thriving Chess Club here at MSJ and we need some coaching help for our students. Our students are keen to learn new tactics and strategies helping them to become great competitors in the game of chess.

All you need is a volunteer need to have a Working with Children’s Check and a willingness to help our girls learn. If you haven’t applied for one previously we can help you gain one. Fill in the form attached, and I will respond promptly.

Click here to submit your response

Jennifer Neenan - College Librarian


Families who have provided a debit / credit authority will continue to have deductions made in accordance with the authority and statements will be issued at regular intervals.

Families who have not submitted a deduction authority should note that the second term instalment is due 28 April 2019.

Your continued support is appreciated. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if any assistance is required.

$1,225 CSEF reduction for eligible students

Families who hold health care (HCC), pensioner concession (PCC) or veterans affairs cards and temporary foster parents are strongly urged to complete the CSEF form as it provides them with significant reductions in fees.

Copies of the fees schedule, CSEF and deduction forms can be located on the College website ( under ‘Enrolments - Fees & Payments’.

Noel Kennedy - Business Manager

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